4 Years of Blog Celebration Posts – Free Presents for Readers and Options to Donate

The blog started exactly 28th December of 2009 – we are passing 4 years period right now. Since then every year i was giving out free things and taking donations. You can see previous posts of this kind here for 2010, 2011 here, 2012 seo donations here its time for vol 2013 – but with a twist. I will speak of that on the end.
First.. presents for readers!

Free Verifed Linkslists To Create Backlinks
As every year im giving away some stuff to you. This time its really big ass lists of spots to spam. They work for seo software like GSA SER, Magic Submitter, Xrumer, Sick Submitter etc. Read the rest

Big changes on BlackhatPwnage

Blog was started in 2009, we`ve build huge community and readers around it. Here comes the biggest change from over 4 years – hope you guys gonna love it.

What is Going On ?
Ranking sites is slow due to google changes so i have more time to write, also newcomers make me show em their spot in seo blogosphere.
Shortly – from now on i will be writing 1-2 times a week, not a month! Member of email list? Do not worry – i will be mailing once a week at most [ie friday] about all posts that happened + presents as always. Read the rest

End Of The World Post – Software Worth Buying for 2013 Internet Marketing

Our blog would have 3 years now [read 1st post that we started the blog with]. Not sure why i say ‘our’ since i make it 100% myself but whatever. The birthday would be at 28th but since world may end today i thought the post comes out now.

Choosing the Right Software
This was always mostly SEO blog maybe not always blackhat – id jsut say automation one, but after Google updates in 2012 alot of people quit backlinking and started asking me of other possibilities. That is why ive made the traffic generation without google section. So question is SEO dead? Read the rest

Blackhat Friday – Best SEO Software and Hosting Discount Offers

As usual there is black friday. A day in USA when peopel buy loads of stuff on discounts. Almost every company makes some decent deals this days. So decent that sometimes to register new account you need to refresh pages 100 times or wait 1h. This year first time in our almost 3 years history i decided to put up some decent offers i found that i can recommend you.
Offers usualy last 24-48h so just go for them. I give direct links to offers so if there is no coupon shared then it means its not needed.

SEO Software Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
Zennoposter – all upgrades/new licenses and super discounted [even 50%]. Read the rest

Few updates about BlackhatPwnage.

The audience of this blog jumped trought the roof in last months and due to emails and PMs at our forum i decided to fix few things.
Since the blog is over 2 years old and has so much conent ive re-cathegorized everything. Now using cathegories it will be very easy for you to find reviews of seo software, free seo methods, informations about spamming links, traffic generation without google etc.

best blackhat seo blog


Albo because of google trying to kill SEO how they can, to our private blackhat forum ive just added Email Marketing section. Read the rest

Blackhat SEO 2012

2012 is going be big year in the world so it is time to plan it up and give a bit wisdom.

Post Panda Linkbuilding
What Google is doing lately makes it harder and harder to rank and maitenain SEO positions. Im getting alot of questions about keyword dentistry and numbers of links to be dropped everyday for phrases. And the truth is.. NOBODY will tell you real numbers and methods. Here is few main changes in blackhat seo linkbuilding you should be aware of now:
- social media links [ Twindexator ]
- backlinking the backlinks [ BacklinksIndexer ]
- posting on less saturated CMSes [ MPP, Xrumer, IgniteSEO ]
- using hig pagerank blog aritcles from good networks [ BacklinksGenie, LinkVana ]
In the near future i will give more exact blackhat seo tricks and step by steps as seems people want it. Read the rest

Official BlackhatPwnage Linkbuilding Forum

It was on my head since long time and i finally made it – today i give that to Your hands – official blackhatpwnage seo forum ! This will be a great addon to the blog but i promise to keep there totally different stuff and never share there publicly anything from the mailing list. Just to make everything clear let me put a straigh differences between this two instances of blackhat seo information. Dont be suprised its not empty – ive been inviting there some friends since a week to fill some content + test everything for bugs. Read the rest

Google New Algorithm February 2011 Blackhat way

Allright this is gonna be not even technique but a bit of information on what happened so far and what to do due to the big Google alghoritm changes in last days [24th february].

What was happening lately in Google ?
For start there was last PageRank update at january 20th, this mumbled SERPs a bit, then we had something that many so called SEO Gurus didnt even notice – around 10th february first changes came to Google which droped alot of parasites and doorways from the results. Alot of pharmacy spammers noticed that. Original source can be read here and its called farmers alghoritm. Read the rest

Free Stuff For Xmas – Xrumer Lists, Blog Lists, WPMU Lists and more

Okay there was many blackhat software reviews lately so i kinda feel obligated to give out some stuff free especially that the blog is 1 year old now [we started last december] + theres Xmas.
Some stuff is password protected for blackhat mailing list users. If You join list today You wont get the passwords anyways – thats lesson for future. After You join You get password to NEW posts, not to oldies. WOuld be unfair of me to let late joiners use stuff right? So please dont email me about that ;)

Free scraped lists
For start i highly suggest registering with Dropxbox. Read the rest

Another blog about BlackHat SEO ?

This is the best blackhat seo blog online. Im bored of fake gurus who dont share stuff. This is real black hat techniques to learn and use.
Subscribe to the blackhat mailing list.  100% concrete info guaranteed and 0 spam. Time for real blackhat tips and tricks.

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