Big changes on BlackhatPwnage

Blog was started in 2009, we`ve build huge community and readers around it. Here comes the biggest change from over 4 years – hope you guys gonna love it.

What is Going On ?
Ranking sites is slow due to google changes so i have more time to write, also newcomers make me show em their spot in seo blogosphere.
Shortly – from now on i will be writing 1-2 times a week, not a month! Member of email list? Do not worry – i will be mailing once a week at most [ie friday] about all posts that happened + presents as always. I promised no lame guru or whatever spam and i wont do it. My word is worth more than $.
Blackhat Forum is closed – it will be sold only as a bundle or given away in some sort of competition. No other way to get in for now.

Do not worry. If you dont want to pay, there still will be LOADS of weekly 100% free content to read. The way blog was made will not change.

WTH Are Protected Posts ?
This is a conent that shouldnt be saturated so its closed. The sooner you get it the more money you can make of that. I dont expect 35325 people to signup to blogs paid section right away so i assume this stuff will stay healthy long time. Im planning to make each post to be so good it could be its own pdf ebook separately sold. If you wont like seo and marketing stuff i will be posting, whenever you want you can cancel subscription and thats it. Everything goes trought paypal and there is no hidden fees.

Check Out First Stuff
So on blog we have now section of Protected Posts where you can find newest one + old one that was hidden. Yes the blog always had closed posts, but before today they were for mailing list – now they are for contributors.

Also with all stuff i do – there is no refunds. I deliver what i promise so you stay a man/woman of your word too.
Ps. I allow real comments with anchored links – so feel free to use em.

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