Few updates about BlackhatPwnage.

The audience of this blog jumped trought the roof in last months and due to emails and PMs at our forum i decided to fix few things.
Since the blog is over 2 years old and has so much conent ive re-cathegorized everything. Now using cathegories it will be very easy for you to find reviews of seo software, free seo methods, informations about spamming links, traffic generation without google etc.

best blackhat seo blog


Albo because of google trying to kill SEO how they can, to our private blackhat forum ive just added Email Marketing section. Read the rest

BlackhatSEO Techniques – Free Stuff for Xmas/New Years Eve

And another year heave passed.. Its been 2 years now with BlackhatPwnage blog, weve started at 23th of 2009 yet the first method was posted at 28th with the identica blackhat seo method. I should have posted on blogs birthday but i had so much on my head i couldnt.. So a bit late but here we are!

Free Yahoo Accounts
This works this way, take one, change password and its yours. Now you can do blackhat stuff with the free email accounts.
First come first served.. If the password is bad that means somebody took the account already. Also some of those are yahoo.co.uk not .com – to slow down abusers a bit. Read the rest