Honest Reviews Only

All Reviews Are Real
Spekaing shortyl without reading my text – if seo software has review on this blog its good and does what it says. Believe me i denied more reviews of softwares than you could expect.
I also review 1 software per ‘use’. So if there is few programs doing exactly same thing, i will stick to just one. There has to be good reaso nfor me to review 2 softwares with similar options. And actually so far this reason didnt exist.

Want me to review a product?
Reviews are indeed a good form of promotion and with a little of tutorial for blackhat seo tools people could use them more effectively. I can do that but.. if the internet marketing product is bad i wont. Speaking shortly if i write a review and use space of this server it has to be for good product. If your is bad i simply wont write anything. Deal? Reviews of blackhat seo tools are free just in exchange for a lifetime working copy of black hat software (your soft will eb cross-promoted not just put up on site once). So you dont risk anything asking me. You wil lget good review, or you wont get review at all.

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