Free and Cheap Methods to Generate Targetted Traffic to Website without Google

Okay lets share again a method to generate traffic. SEO is getting hard to you? No worries with this two gems, you will be visible in no time!

Got Mailing List? Swap it With Others!
This system is simple, pay 20$ a month and exchange as many clicks of emails as you like with other people in choosen niche. You choose the ads you want to run, the website you want to go to and choose swap. Other person with similar lists then mails our your ads and you do the same for them (ie on end of your newsletter). Cannot get simpler and cheaper (20usd a month for unlimited targeted clicks?!). Check this system here, i have been using it since YEARS. CLICK TO JOIN IT.
get free mailing list

Want 100% Free Targetted Banner Ads? Try This
Okay this is a bitcoin adsense alike network. But the good part about it is – as promotion they give you free bitcoin (dont get excited – only for advertising!) and you can put ads with them.
Text ads and graphic ads. Of course free stuff is never free – you need to go to their site and click once a day for like 4 days – then you have around 5000 free views (or clicks!).
Not a bad deal. ALl niches allowed. Just register HERE and click top right corner “faucet”.

Want even more Traffic with Blackhat tricks?

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