End Of The World Post – Software Worth Buying for 2013 Internet Marketing

Our blog would have 3 years now [read 1st post that we started the blog with]. Not sure why i say ‘our’ since i make it 100% myself but whatever. The birthday would be at 28th but since world may end today i thought the post comes out now.

Choosing the Right Software
This was always mostly SEO blog maybe not always blackhat – id jsut say automation one, but after Google updates in 2012 alot of people quit backlinking and started asking me of other possibilities. That is why ive made the traffic generation without google section. So question is SEO dead?
Answer: Hell no
. And its even better than it was because alot of so called ‘seo spammers’ have died in the battle.
So the question is.. what works now and which programs to use?!
Ive reviewd here alot of best blackhat softwares and im sure you cant buy them all. Esp that many of older things may be useless now. So here is a list of stuff i recommend and i still use personally + a few reasons why. Of course there is niche/method specific software that will not be listed here. I will put here more or less generic softwares.

Best SEO Programs
Magic Submitter – this software is a bomb. Actually if i could have just 1 software, it would be propably this one – not Xrumer. I cant see a reason one could not be happy with it. It will make automated links on any platform you wish along with accounts.
Captcha Sniper – get this and you wont almost ever pay for captchas anymore. Ding dong – it breaks recaptcha!
Backlinks Genie – DripFeedBlasts, dont make sense anymore, other online services that i tested – do not make sense. The only one that does is BLG. Since the review they added so big variety of linkwheels, platforms and seo tools that id say you need to try it. Even for one month. This wont be lost money.
Sick Submitter – if you have money to buy mods or have access to mods this is the right software. People have propably coded all platforms in the world for it. The secret of sick submitter is to get mods not use just default setup.

Start Collecting Email Leads
This is big tip that you may not even understand yet but believe me its BIG and you should thank me. On all your sites add opt-in form. Even on your niche blogs or small sites with 50 views a month. In a year you maybe have some niche mailing list that may be of use. Get the best plugin for getting mails that i personally use [yes its discount link] and after you get enough emails start hitting them ie with Atomic Mail Software [20euro discount!]. This will pay itself off on the end. You can sell data to mailers or just start mailing yourself.

Donation for The Blog!
Every year i let people donate cash for this blog and the ni post picture of alcohol that ive bought for the cash. Check old episodes of 2011 here and 2012 here.
You can donate any amounts you wish:
Paypal – [email protected]
Webmoney – Z210680546465
If you want other options like Paxum,BitCoin or CreditCard please email me.

And a small bonus: If you want ot get free Payoneer card and 25$ deposited to it, follow this link for signup.
And other bonus from me – here is discounts for almost all software listed on this site along with hostings and proxy providers. CLICK TO READ. I will delete this link before making new post [if world doesnt end before!].

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