iAutoblog Review – Autoblogging Software for Free Platforms

Its been some time since we spoke of autoblogs here or this kind of conent generation but some time ago i was contacted by this guys to check the soft. This time unlike others who asked me to review this kind of program i didnt pass it out and did it. This is really good piece of blackhat software!

autoblog on blogger, insanejournal, my opera and more

What Are Autoblogs For?
What are autoblog i will not describe because im sure everybody already knows – automated content generator that makes your website growin and updated withou use of your hands nor stamina. To find out some more stuff you can check autoblogging guide in some previous post here. Read the rest

Take Advantage Of Spammers

Today we will speak how to make work done with little effor aka use other people who do blackhat seo spam to work for You with their software 🙂

Let them spam Your site, then steal commisions
Yeah simple as that. First we get some VPS or managed Dedicated server and totally whitehat – my favorite place is HERE. Do not forget to order VPS/Dedi it with Cpanel, then You have Fantastico to install stuff easy way.
Now there are few possibilites but both start the same – get old domain with PageRank. Theres many places to find them so i wont mention, but thats preety needed. Read the rest

Google Wonder Wheel Scraper

We are all looking for keywords, especially long tail keywords. The more you have of those, the more autoblogs or minisites You can make targetting them and beat the concurence. Lately founder of a preety great software contacted me so i decided to review it here google wonder wheel scraper.Really great keyword research tool!

What is Google Wonder Wheel ?

Mainly its just a new goolge feature that allows to make searches a bit deeper than normal. You can see it live here – http://www.google.com/#q=google+wonder+wheel&hl=en&prmd=ivfd&source=lnt&tbs=ww:1&sa=X&ei=Qo2zTIjkA8nrOdirjOYH&ved=0CAsQpwU&fp=a29c82155c57878e

Okay so they gave us tool to make deep keyword searches. Now we needed tool to automate this job to find longtail keywords. Read the rest

Autoblogging Guide

Loads of you email me asking to show them how to start in pharmacy business online. Lets do it with a method that is simple even for noobies, the only thing you need is dedication to build you blog farm autoblogging empire.
After i saw the post about Matt Cutts ranking for buy viagra i decided to write this method.

What do i need to make autoblog ?

1. A domain
In this spectacular case we are looking for aged expiring domains with a history [and preferably even pagerank].
It is just better since they will rank faster = you will make money faster. Read the rest