End of 2015.. Do this in 2016 and You will Make Money!

2015 was pretty epic or SEO, since 2013 around 90% of SEO companies disapperared. Matt Cutts has also stepped down from Google. Now here is what you should do for business in 2016.

How to Make Money with SEO in 2016?
Okay SEO has changed since years. Now most SEO firms or sellers are gone. 90% of what you can buy now is crap that wont work. Really. People who can do SEO MOSTLY dont sell it. Its really needing alot of work to rank now. Its not worth to rank small sites or so. Of course there is people ranking those, having networks that need money – and they sell you links as extras and diveristy. But keep in mind – 90% people selling you SEO packages will suck you dry.
Can you SEO? Good, now.. Make at least ONE website that is a real product. Yes, the times of pure aff landings are done mostly. You can do it few times, but you need a stabile site.
Choose niche, rank it, pay for Adwords or whatever. But have at least one site thats REAL, whitehat and will make you SOME money. Of course keep doing BH (esp with my tips here) but get 1 leg on the white ground. In new year i will teach you some HARDCORE blackhat seo things. Especially paid members.

Got A Site? Make it Earn Money!
Okay i will not be telling you niche to choose. Just choose one. Here is few tips to incrase money on sites. Most are not mine but rather “heard” or coming from GrowthHackingIdea.
@ How to get great testimonials

Organize a case-study competition with prizes. Ask your customers to present particularly good examples of how they used your service.

This will enable you to use actual customers’ language on your site to help explain new prospects what your product is and how they can use it.

@ Credit Card Now vs. Credit Card Later

There is an interesting study that showed the difference between asking for credit card info upfront versus asking for it later.

The results? By dropping the credit card requirement, they were able to increase front-end signups by 500% and overall paid customers by 50%.

@ Never do this – 1000% decrease in sales

A well-known analysis paralysis study was conducted in a supermarket in 2000. A jam tasting kiosk was set up to offer different flavours to customers. The test compared the impact of varying the number of choices between 24 and 6.

Results: the kiosk with 24 flavours converted into customers at a 1000% lower rate than the one with just 6 flavours.

@ The Twitter ‘Buy’ button

Twitter users can purchase products right from your Tweet in their timeline – without ever having to visit your website.

Some use cases:
1. Event-based targeting.
2. Retarget your visitors who didn’t complete a purchase.
3. Special promotions.

@ Facebook page likes vs emails

A study showed that asking people for email got 80% more email subscribers than asking to like a Facebook page.

Hence, if you want to grow both Facebook likes and your email subscribers list, consider asking them to enter an email first. And after that – like your Facebook page. Get the highest conversions in both directions. 😉

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