Backlink Indexer Review – How To Index Backlinks

Today we will speak about indexing backlinks by using Backlinks Indexer that i was testign for last months. As

Why Links Need Indexing in Google
So for start you may ask – hey wont google find my backlinks itself? NO! I mean, not all that it could or not in the right time. Currently there are so many websites all over and backlink spammers like Yourself that there is simply too much data to be crawled by google properly. When you spam a blog with a comment – sure the blog itself is propably indexed [since you scraped it right :)] and google may comeback there or may not if the post is old enough. And old posts often have pagerank. But thats not the problem. The problem comes when you lets say spam forums with The Russian King. Then if you make a new topic or a profile, google may never find it or it may get deleted before it does so! The stuff people tell you about naturally finding links on its time are not true and also believe me – it will never find 100% anyways and never all at same time even if you help them. But sure thing is if you wont help google index the backlinks, most of them you did for no reason as they could not exist and nothing would actually change.

Backlinks Indexer Review
The system of is Backlinks Indexer Service as easy as 1-2-3. Copy-paste links, hit got and it will start indexing pasted links with a number depending on plan you choosen. Just put there plain list with your hands once a week/few days or use the API if you are a blackhat seo coder 😉 Everything is hosted on their site so no need to worry about literally anything. As simple as it gets, hard to ever write much about how they index the backlinks. The totally new domain was indexed with this service within 2h [sorry wasnt chekcing every 5 minutes – maybe was 3 minutes.Who know?:)].

How Does Backlink Indexer Work
Backlinks Indexer builds backlinks to your backlinks in bulk. They post them on their blog network, Web 2.0 sites, rss agreggators, Bookmarking Sites and more. All with 1 click of a button from one system. This way pages that itself are often visited by googlebot have your dofollow links somewhere in their posts and let the bot find, count and index them. Will it index 100%? Of course not. The % depends on your own source [it can be for example blocked for public views], % of duplicate data on it [google is strict with that] and such. Shortly Backlinks Indexer network consists of:
@ 1,000+ Unique C Class Blogs
@ 10,100+ Web 2.0 Blogs
@ 1500 Social Bookmarking Sites
@ 10,200+ Micro Blogs
@ 1,001+ Content Aggregator Sites
@ 101+ RSS Aggregators
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One thought on “Backlink Indexer Review – How To Index Backlinks

  1. Hi, this sound interessant. Can you explain me how does it work?
    Do Have I to take 1500 url (in one month for basic program) from my websites and bulk them in backlinksindexer?

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