The blog is dead.

Not that this is news as people see i dont post anymore. Just officialy this stuff is not gonna get updated. Forum is closed and killed, blog will stay online so you can see oldschool ways to rank shit.

Now instead of SEO do fuckin crypto.

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Crypto Blog to check

Thanks for 10 years together here but time has come. Read the rest

Facebook Blackhat Growth Tricks without Spending Alot of Money

This time we will go more whitehat but i would call it smart hat. We will utilize Facebook for some cool ways to optimize campaigns and traffic. This tricks come from many websites and were listed by GHI but here are ones i have used and that made me best profits. Read the rest

How to get Instagram Traffic and How to use It Easily

Instagram blocks loads of APIs allowing you to upload pictures from computer or easy copy-pasting tags. Yet there is some ways to still make those work and even get free likes. Check out this methods. Read the rest

Free and Cheap Methods to Generate Targetted Traffic to Website without Google

Okay lets share again a method to generate traffic. SEO is getting hard to you? No worries with this two gems, you will be visible in no time!

Got Mailing List? Swap it With Others!
This system is simple, pay 20$ a month and exchange as many clicks of emails as you like with other people in choosen niche. You choose the ads you want to run, the website you want to go to and choose swap. Other person with similar lists then mails our your ads and you do the same for them (ie on end of your newsletter). Cannot get simpler and cheaper (20usd a month for unlimited targeted clicks?!). Read the rest


This is from my post about DP –
The software doesnt work anymore but the idea stays similar.

Get GoDaddy Account + pay for auctions access like 4$ a year or something. This point is a must to use this system. Use code Auction12 for 50% off.
Get SnapNames account. It may say something about SSL but ignored it and proceed. This is good to have but not super required [less expired domains for seo than godaddy]
Get NameJet account same as above. This is also the less popular of above + sooner you will find it will cause you some problems and is expensive. Read the rest


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