BlackHatPwnage #1 Blackhat SEO Blog is coming back!

After a year of doing almost nothing.. Blackhatpwnage is coming back. Never heard of this? Means you are not that old into SEO or at least never cared about blackhat. Heard of it or been one of 2,5k+ people signed up? Hopefully you will be happy about what we are brining now!

Why Did The Blog Stop?
So everything was perfect, we were ranking payday loans and pharmacy hardcore keywords, i had full new course planned and already written up and… Bitcoin went to 200-1000$. Yes thats it, i was an early adopter got my BTCs for 4-10USDs in 2011 and forgot about this stash. Now in 2013 i was awaken.. And i went all in with my time into BTC. Sure i was still ranking websites, doing doorways but writing about it or even chatting was a waste of time – when BTC was soaring. I went into loads of things – mining, trading, altcoins.. oh just name it.
Yet lately BTC making me stabile money became again… boring to me – just like SEO/Marketing got at some point. But luckily.. lately i`ve had some extra time on my hands and decided to get back sharing infos on how to do marketing and money online!

What Can You Expect from BlackhatPwnage Now?
I plan to be more active than since 2012. I will be posting at least once a week – not once a month. There will be as usual reviews, methods, discounts and what not. I will run new posts “open for everybody” while giving some extras to current paid subscribers [learn about levels of access here –]. Even if you want to stay free user, make sure you are subscribed to email list [below or above] as i was ALWAYS giving on email extra things.
Believe me, after this vacations the blog will be better than it ever was – so if you feel so.. help me to spread a word.. I will give you a chance just in a second 😉

Can We Still Make Money on Bitcoin?
Bitcoin in 2013 was worth 1000usd+, last week it was worth… 100USD less than today! And yes – most traders say its just a correction. This is a perfect moment to get into Bitcoin if you havent. And if you dont know what it is – its a cryptocucrrency [often compared to virtual gold] which you can buy/sell, hold or buy stuff with [Namecheap, Microsoft, Dell and other big companies accept it]. I will give you guys small guide on how make money from Bitcoin right away, just you need minimum of 100USD [or 100EUR] for investment – that will get you around 0.26BTC by current exchange rates.

1. Buy 100USD worth of BTC by using hidden link below, and you will get 10USD extra worth of BTC right away. They accept wire transfer, credit cards and some other ways of funding.

You see this? It means you have no permission to view this part of content.

All closed posts are of top quality and with unique methods. To keep the tricks live for as long as possible and not saturated we decided to make some parts of blog closed.

Join us for as little as 8,99$ a month - you will have access to all posts listed in PROTECTED POSTS SECTION so 3 years of reading is upon you.


2. If you traded forex you can try trading some BTC/USD pairs with leverage. BitMex – gives you 100x leverage and 10% less fees with this link. you can also try to do forex/stocks (!) on 1broker here.

3. If you like sports.. Try CloudBet or NitrogenSports [or both] to bet money – both sites will give you singup bonuses. Its simple – always bet on teams that have bigger chance of winning – the sport itself doesnt matter.
how to bet on sports with bitcoin

4. Try dice sites that are ale faucets ?place that give free Bitcoins?. First get free BTCs from them and play with those, then add more to make better bets.
All this sites will give you free money to play and 100% withdrawable if you have more than 0.003 BTC. So you can make ie 0.0001BTC, deposit 0.01BTC and.. withdrawal all [just example].
PrimeDiceBetterBets [clic kthis wand near your balance]

5. Get some free bitcoins from this site. Its paying weekly since 2 years, and you can actually make there even 1BTC a week – it has built in dice and you can roll free each hour for some Bitcoins


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