SEO Linkwheel Backlink Service Review

Okay this time i will review linking service of one guys. They are totally not affiliated to me, and i dont usually review such things.. but oh well. I had good day or whatever that i took the deal, but i did it. So here is what they do case study.

UPDATED: here is a great LinkWheel Service for all your needs.

Why to use other peoples linking services ?
Well mainly You can not have time to do it Yourself, or they just do it good. Its called linkbuilding outsourcing and sometimes [if the niche is no secret] its good to outsource some stuff. This way You can link more then You could making by Yourself or just not get bored. Lately instead of usual Xrumer services or profile bookarmking [like Bookmark Wiz ther are also blog farms that are not made with Link Farm Evolution or at least they dont use WPMU. SUch serivices allow You to post article with keywords on their blog network and this is one of them. The advantage of this is that its fully safe for whitehat websites, the disadvantage is somebody sees what Your are doing and You cant link whatever niche You want.

Pagerank3 Site

SEO Linkwheelers Review

Case study
With this service You can only use “whitehat” niches no gambling, pharmacy or adult. Also as i spoke to the guys its suggested to use this as a backup not main linking. Speaking shortly if You already have position in top50 its good to backup links with their service and raise to the top.
As spoke i took 1 of normal sites that was ranking in top21.
The package that was used is called ‘silver; on their website and consists of:
12 Web 2.0 Articles (PR4~PR9) [sites like quizilla, wikidot, bloglines etc]
16 Sponsored Blog Posts (PR3+) [thats posts at their private network of PageRank 3+ blogs]
8 PR/Articles Sites (PR4~PR7) [not sure as i didnt get links ot that but i assume usual ezine articles etc.]
1 Custom YouTube Videos [30 sec video showing webiste]
2 Keywords / 2 URLs [i choosen 1 url and 1 keyword]

Exactly they day they finished backlinking my site[took em 3 days] i raised from top21 to top14 in google search results. Im writing this review just 2 days after and im already top10 for the keyword.
The targetted keyword has About 1,120,000 results in Not bad right ?

Can i recommend this service ?
If You have whitehat site that already had linking but cant raise in serps to top10 this linkbuilding service that will surely help as i case studied it. So just hit SEO Linkwheels and see their link wheel packages and place an order – stuff surely worked fine for me. Or just get Backlinks Genie

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