4 Years of Blog Celebration Posts – Free Presents for Readers and Options to Donate

The blog started exactly 28th December of 2009 – we are passing 4 years period right now. Since then every year i was giving out free things and taking donations. You can see previous posts of this kind here for 2010, 2011 here, 2012 seo donations here its time for vol 2013 – but with a twist. I will speak of that on the end.
First.. presents for readers!

Free Verifed Linkslists To Create Backlinks
As every year im giving away some stuff to you. This time its really big ass lists of spots to spam. They work for seo software like GSA SER, Magic Submitter, Xrumer, Sick Submitter etc.
47k mixed list of CMSes [unique domains]
23k edu links

BOth lists were checked with Backlinks Maid for beein in malware/spam dbs, but now for indexation. SO are safe to use.

Wanted to add also some SEMRush reports but.. they have problems generating them today so seems another time. Hope i gace enough of those during last month anyways 🙂

Free Yahoo Email Accountss
After you take one – change password. If account doesnt work move to next one. If none works – then you are too late 😉 So lets call it a present for early birds.
[email protected]:JZePCRXzl3K
[email protected]:hpUAhPacEF0
[email protected]:1GZpKEeRlrj
[email protected]:9WXyPKPeY
[email protected]:bHAEmJwv4
[email protected]:3rOOShcHZL
[email protected]:SDzOwpb1ShM
[email protected]:ZbjXA2rbp
[email protected]:9SwDXPVWCT
[email protected]:rQUPlybx7y
[email protected]:KsE9djaqK
[email protected]:YVxetZgS2so
[email protected]:jBXAxTP8nv
[email protected]:zzVYAxL3PZ
[email protected]:Tt1DOdxTrLV
[email protected]:LFm4ZPetr
[email protected]:ZfQceGC8sN
[email protected]:Qsh5EUMKXTE
[email protected]:Rxnblvp6Mel
[email protected]:WBW5vdaGe
[email protected]:Xe7UKPzSR
[email protected]:OjRCfvD7tg
[email protected]:MK8MfaPJeN
[email protected]:ejX9NKOMQZL
[email protected]:5AaMRGsTW
[email protected]:qGDfC8yUM
[email protected]:qHsL0JfYGHR
[email protected]:WEJDFtLH0
[email protected]:xD0FDrqJGc
[email protected]:gc6cPfTMdd
[email protected]:TtPV0WoUvRw
[email protected]:cRzHpZHc5
[email protected]:FE0ZkfFJd
[email protected]:BUjlBG7VA
[email protected]:jNLHJdRS5e
[email protected]:MFNfvgPR9hl
[email protected]:ak2xGZAAAQ
[email protected]:wnPYyUe7v
[email protected]:FS3xKdLfHa
[email protected]:FZyOKhLeN2
[email protected]:JyAHFK0JWK
[email protected]:EVvUvMcO0R
[email protected]:FNTaXV2KVpv
[email protected]:XSMVwcdnrA4
[email protected]:ZhkolYFdGo9
[email protected]:ZyvLuqAa0
[email protected]:OmLGU1WlckG
[email protected]:1rVUvHoDOMB
[email protected]:CDMpBjTJ6v
[email protected]:Sl0EUexWPe
[email protected]:CQu4DbRFGF
[email protected]:2kdPUmPSBZ
[email protected]:hRuNfxH0d
[email protected]:ouwRLrD8CPA
[email protected]:F0wtHqFRVY
[email protected]:L6yBvgmjW
[email protected]:LZwh1HHwAv
[email protected]:3qVAjmCEch
[email protected]:nz7QdZCwrU
[email protected]:tXo1BSGgg
[email protected]:FWTj8aUFUX
[email protected]:YXvhQgC3c
[email protected]:K5MyLNTXPbf
[email protected]:q2OmWWbebeB
[email protected]:BzFJJWgk8V
[email protected]:F3KodFPSZL
[email protected]:AXKL4LUpjb
[email protected]:pCZxDdYWzr8
[email protected]:zYVA2cvFZM
[email protected]:ghJJw8RjWU
[email protected]:e2oMZOPrc
[email protected]:EOeLJr5nCXP
[email protected]:HHXgUEdAR3
[email protected]:p9MoZLgZEe
[email protected]:PJVHnXD1xo
[email protected]:WDzcDugTFn5
[email protected]:MRSXbCpQ2O
[email protected]:rbHo1CKTaz
[email protected]:Mt2LPWOyd
[email protected]:XSHPKgA0EBQ
[email protected]:XMyXly5gkK
[email protected]:9SvlvoGnmP
[email protected]:g1frGJLDmy
[email protected]:HQ2zHtjXn
[email protected]:HrrlsGR6JO
[email protected]:lJgOrW8TH
[email protected]:wU5gNqXuyh
[email protected]:XuUtQ9TXyAC
[email protected]:HAZRM9EQwZB
[email protected]:1oLYUBtqm
[email protected]:XVr8mQQaxt
[email protected]:TDEQ3gezDyX
[email protected]:TQfTQR5GAP
[email protected]:pZNpQCm0S
[email protected]:3qMWvPMfNy
[email protected]:RAZk5APOTfr
[email protected]:qC8XCqSKb
[email protected]:c7EfAbzURA
[email protected]:aZDjbHO8f
[email protected]:UEVhBt0Fa

Donation for BlackhatPwnage.com
I know that during years ive helped with this site or personal talks to many people, i get alot of that positive mails – they keep me doing the blog. As always im allowing people who want to have good karma next year and make money with it to donate for the blog. On the start of post ive shared other posts of this kind that im doing every year.
This year it goes the same but theres 2 twists. No more Paypal or Webmoney – taking donations only in cryptocurrencies!
Ive choosen four – 2 popular and 2 you could not hear of, but are really good to keep eye one [can be acquired ie on market Cryptsy for BTC]
BTC [Bitcoin] – 1FJ8jGakcmoMAdTZFAw8TBtHyLN6EHowbo
LTC [Litecoin] – LV35mYQi6r8ZQFyZFHQDcmrPjwxMMxLvy7
HBN [HoBoNickels] – Ehtk41bXCxRSwDSqTntY4r3RACsYS3GmPj
ORB [Orbitcoin] – oNvbKcbZJwzivuKjD9uXM6qPYhyLDzYjFi

After you do the donation please post here with real email or email me. From the peopel donation i will give out to 2 random readers Free Access to Private SEO Forum.
If you are already a member you will get free BacklinksMaid backlink cleaner instead. This ‘trivia’ will be on for 14 days after that i will choose 2 random winners.

I wish you all guys happy new year and i hope we will all make money together in even better ways than in 2013. Thanks for reading since so long time and beein loyal users.

Big ups!


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