How To Rank High in Google with Whitehat Site

Beer for Blackhat SEO

Allright first post for this year. For start after donations for Xmas from fans of the blog i promised to buy alcohol and take a pic. Well ive done it! Click to resize. Im preety happy there was so many peolple that like the blog and dont care to donate few bucks..
Today i will just give You small idea how to rank whitehat site in google on full automation mode using software/services that are available.

Step By Step to Rank In Google
1. Make a site [obvious]
2. Get long tail keywords from Google WonderWheel Scraper. Insert them on various pages – this will help to get lots of long tail organic traffic after ranks.
3. Put few videos from Youtube. Preferably make own ones with Article Video Robot as this soft is simple and fast as hell [then You may get a bit of backlinks and traffic straight from Youtube].
4. Run BookMarkWiz to index the site
5. Start The Link Juicer campaign setting up 10 links a day.
6. After 2-3 weeks buy LinkVana for a month, and put 5 articles per day on their network.
7. Run BacklinksGenie 4 days campaign
8. Take all the links made in 4-7 steps and ping with MegaPinger
9. Watch out for going high in google ranks. If that goes slow or stuff stops use Xrumer or Mass Prestige Poster blasts on links from 4-6 points and then ping them again with MegaPinger

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8 thoughts on “How To Rank High in Google with Whitehat Site

  1. I take it donations kind of sucked if 24 beers is all you could buy? 🙂

    Your “click here if you can’t see the mail properly” link points to a page in a weird language.

  2. oh i will have a look about the link. btw its in weird html for u?

    and on donations – im sure if u participated it would go higher 😉

  3. “I take it donations kind of sucked if 24 beers is all you could buy?”

    and my donation would have bought half of that

  4. On-topic: spinning content isn’t even close to white-hat. Just talking ethics and “hat colors”, it’s not that I don’t endorse the practice 🙂


  5. its actually mostly imported beer so a bit more expensive and thers 28 of em just the pic may not rock 🙂

  6. why would u need bookmark whix if u use the linkjuicer and backlink genie which both do backlinks??

    As a tool have u compared bookmark whiz to bookmark demon?

    Which would u think is best to use first. link juicer or backlink genie?

  7. mick thats actually great questions!

    bookmark wiz is way cheaper than BMD. and BMD neither of them has that much pwoer to cost as much as BMD does.

    TLJ has 1 issue – they wont allow You to use any niuche You want [pharmacy nior gambling] when BookmarkWiz will.
    as its on self-made accounts.

    But in white niche and with limited budget surely its better to go for TLJ unless You make 100s of sites a month [then again tool will be too limited and BookmarkWiz will allow You to make 100s accounts a day].

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