Blackhat SEO 2012

2012 is going be big year in the world so it is time to plan it up and give a bit wisdom.

Post Panda Linkbuilding
What Google is doing lately makes it harder and harder to rank and maitenain SEO positions. Im getting alot of questions about keyword dentistry and numbers of links to be dropped everyday for phrases. And the truth is.. NOBODY will tell you real numbers and methods. Here is few main changes in blackhat seo linkbuilding you should be aware of now:
– social media links [ Twindexator ]
– backlinking the backlinks [ BacklinksIndexer ]
– posting on less saturated CMSes [ MPP, Xrumer, IgniteSEO ]
– using hig pagerank blog aritcles from good networks [ BacklinksGenie, LinkVana ]
In the near future i will give more exact blackhat seo tricks and step by steps as seems people want it.
And when Google changes alghoritms or cleans out websites never cry if they wasnt, everybody could be able to rank and nobod ywould really make money. Now you have to kill just a bit of competitors, the rest is killed by G 😉

Diversification of Money Streams
World is changing, alot of even known networks is closing. If you make alot of money in 1 company, make sure you have backup company and give them traffic 50/50. This way you are proteted if one network dies or stop paying and also see if the converts are similar. In this world you cannot trust any CPA network. Same goes for PPC and other systems. Even whe nyou do legit work and the only part is just blackhat linkbuilding – always have open doors to switch traffic easily. Small tip but may save you alot money. The best way to cloak all affiliate links within own domain, to be able to change them faster.

Forum going Private
The Blackhat SEO Forum will be going private from next week. There is over 500 people logging in to lurk at least once a week, and less than 50 active posters in the public blackhat forum sections making me the main poster. So after some talks ive decided to put forum private. Active users will stay there free, others if want to read will have to pay one time small fee of like 10-30$ lifetime price. Just to clear out the lurkers, and also then i can post few things that i cannot on open forum due to saturation. I prefer to have 20 people that read this posts + people in the extra closed sections that are there, and are planned, than 1k users who just read and do nothing.

free blackhat seo tipsAlso this year blackhat blog donations were way worse than last but.. some people mailed me they bought software from affiliate links as their ‘donation’ and mailed me what di they buy and when to proove. There was 0 paypal donations [if thats wrong please email me ASAP!] and 5x Webmoney ones. So i wasnt sure how much booze to buy.. I decided to use 100% of the few donations and 10% of bought software. Heres what i came out with on the end! THANX ALOT TO EVERYBODY GREAT TO KNOW SOMEBODY ADMIRES MY WORK ENOUGH TO SPEND A LITTLE BUCKS. RESPECT!

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