How to get Instagram Traffic and How to use It Easily

Instagram blocks loads of APIs allowing you to upload pictures from computer or easy copy-pasting tags. Yet there is some ways to still make those work and even get free likes. Check out this methods. Read the rest

How to manipulate Google Suggestions – Heavy Blackhat Way for Visitors and ORM

Google suggestions are the words that show up when you are typing query into google. They let you finish faster your questions or suggest you other ones that are popular. Even tho it seems strange, there are peopel who want to manipulate those, and even better – there are ways to make profit from that. So if theres demand, theres also answer to the problem. If you decide to try this – its on your own resposnibility, im just telling you how it can be achieved in preety easy way. For start i will explain ways of monetization with examples that will really make you aware what power we have here. Read the rest

The 100% Sure Money Making Method Online – Arbitrage of SEO Services

Ok to start this year we will start with a real bomb. Somethign that works 100%, loads of people do it [hey hope you gfuys wont be mad?] and many didnt think of or wasnt sure. The arbitrage and reselling of services at way higher prices. This way you do *almost* nothing yet you make good cash.

SEO Services Arbitrage
This happends in 90% on seo forums, of course happends in SEO agencies [called outsourcing then;)] but mainly it means: get reputation, sell overpriced stuff somebody else does cheap. Its not a scam [as long as whats advertised is provided] its just way to go. Read the rest

Best Free SEO Software 2013 – Online Marketing Tools

There is so much cool and free seo programs/services ive decided to put them up here for you, so you can take advantage. I literally use alot of them daily when working and you should do too – innstead of overpaying. Here is my list!

Free SEO Service Websites – No Login – check how website was built, what CMS or scripts are behind it – clean texts from html [ good for fast copy-paste articles] – best software for checking broken links on websites – text re-encoder and cleaner, really nice – big keyword tool for longtails – free schema creator, really good tags for websites – find email by data of somebody. Read the rest

Clickbank/JVzoo/WSO Pre-Launch SEO Method – Noob Friendly, Guaranteed Success

Lately there were many reviews, comparisons or closed posts on the viral marketing blog – blackhatpwnage. So i decided to share with you an guaranteed seo method to make money, really easy way to make money online that everybody can follow step by step. And to clear this up – this is not my method and some readers may know it, yet its still working and it is worth sharing here.

The Usual Problems with SEO
The problem is there is big competition or the product is hot for short period of time. Remember acai berry boom? Imagine you knew about it month before, prepared 50 landing pages, made slow SEO for them, kept stady ranks and just made profit when world goes crazy for the berries. Read the rest

How to cheat next Google Penguin 2.1+ updates, be safe and Rank top10 easily – SEO Method

This is type of not do it at blackhat seo home theory or do at your own risk 😉 That is why im hiding the post form public because im not trying to make public do that. This is just idea of how can this be done and why it will work. It is an loophole that after some updates might be fixed and there is already many people using it now but in quiet circles.

How Do Google`s Penguin Updates Work
As we know Panda was for onsite factors, while Penguin is pure offsite – speaking shortly penguin is about links. Read the rest

How to Rank in Google – Top10 SERP Tracking for Payday Loans, Pharmacy, Ecigs and Insurance – Real Case Study

Google been doing so many changes in algorithms, re-rollings and such so its hard to track whats going on anymore. During last 30 days i was constantly checking the serps on 100s of keywords to find out – what ranks, who ranks and.. why do they rank.
This is propably one of the seo posts that took me most time to write, but you will see here real day-by-day chaning serp results in at a few very interesting keyword phrases from niches like insurance, loans, pharmacy and ecigarettes + full commentary of whats going on there and why using my mind, some public and some less known research tools. Read the rest

Google`s Penguin 2.0 Update – How to Rank Sites After Penguin Penalty

Here is my opinions about penguin 2.0 followed by research of me and other SEOs or just called it simpler and more straight to the point – search engine spammers 😉 Yes – any time you build a link you are not whitehat. Links are suposed to be build by others for you because they love your great conent. If you do anything else – you are not whitehat. Remember that.

Penguin 2.0 Changes and How to Fight It
Google claims their algoritm change has impact of: “About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice. Read the rest

Free SEO Ebook and Free CMS Checker

After long time i decided to do somethign with my ‘business website’ aka as a good starter i prepared an free ebook. Have a look! This post will be as short as possible!

How To Protect Yourself From Spammers and Conent rippers
Im an blackhatter so i know the best what nasty people and robots do. In this straight to the point .pdf you will learn about protecting conent and your sites. Not much to add.
Get How to Protect Your sites from Bots, Spammers and Content Rippers SEO E-book for free from HERE.
Bloack spammers and autoblogs ebook

Stuff is uber simple and will really save you a bit of time, ranks and even gain free links! Read the rest

Penguin Update Recovery – Post Penguin Linkbuilding Techniques

So i read all this posts here and there about Penguin and how to recover from it or what it is.. Mostly all this people make everything up, its their pure guesses or even ‘what the wish it was’. Either way a good linkbait. So here i am, with password protected post and some real finds.
If anybody shares this post or parts of it [even rewritten] hes not to smart. If you see such act please post in his thread the real source of this knowledge + let me know.
The more you share public the sooner its no use. Read the rest