Free Nucleus CMS Commenter

Allright there is Thanksgiving in USA today and tommorow there is Black Friday.. Up here we dont care and give something free akak free nucelus cms backlinks maker 🙂

Nucleus CMS Spammer
This is made with Ubot and this is actually one of first module of Mass Prestige Poster yet of course MPP blackhat software is way more sophisticated – auto-generates emails, comments (if you want) and can break captcha. Still Nucleus CMS is often good to place high pagerank comments on and unliked wordpress a little bit less known by n00bs 🙂
Setup of this free backlinking software is easy: unrar and run. Read the rest

Free Stuff For Xmas – Xrumer Lists, Blog Lists, WPMU Lists and more

Okay there was many blackhat software reviews lately so i kinda feel obligated to give out some stuff free especially that the blog is 1 year old now [we started last december] + theres Xmas.
Some stuff is password protected for blackhat mailing list users. If You join list today You wont get the passwords anyways – thats lesson for future. After You join You get password to NEW posts, not to oldies. WOuld be unfair of me to let late joiners use stuff right? So please dont email me about that 😉

Free scraped lists
For start i highly suggest registering with Dropxbox. Read the rest

Take Advantage Of Spammers

Today we will speak how to make work done with little effor aka use other people who do blackhat seo spam to work for You with their software 🙂

Let them spam Your site, then steal commisions
Yeah simple as that. First we get some VPS or managed Dedicated server and totally whitehat – my favorite place is HERE. Do not forget to order VPS/Dedi it with Cpanel, then You have Fantastico to install stuff easy way.
Now there are few possibilites but both start the same – get old domain with PageRank. Theres many places to find them so i wont mention, but thats preety needed. Read the rest

Free Pinging Software

This time i unlocked the post, but some posts will always be locked for people who didnt join my mailing list.

Anyways today i will share with you a free pinger tool.
Ive been looking around and most of free pinging software had some kind of limits of sites or so.. So i made this one. It will automatically ping pingomatic, bing and some others.

.txt file with Proxies [host:port] – if you dont have proxy put or localhost:80.. depends on setup.
.txt file with sites to ping – 1 by line [for example your whole Link Farm Evolution blog farm:) ]
loops number – lets say you want the software to make a few rounds of site pining with software, then put there a number. Read the rest

Free Blackhat Software – WordPress Comment Spammer + Link Verifier

As i promised this post is closed and i will not open it for people that didnt subscribe to mailing list. If you want you can share tool with your friends who dont have their own spammers but please dont copy it publicly to any blog or so. – edit, the blackhat post is opened now after some months.

What is WP Spammer for ?

WordPress is most worldwide spread CMS on the internet, and allows you to put anchor [as a name] and url [as a website] in comments field. Many blogs are not moderated, dont have captcha and have high PR. Read the rest

UBot Studio – The MUST HAVE WhiteHat BlackHat SEO Tool

Allright this is the first blackhat seo tool review on the blog, because its first tool really worth it.. And by worth it i mean it is a must have. Guys who made Ubot Studio filled a huge niche in the bot automation market and made a tool that whatever topic or kind of seo techniques you are doing, you will find it useful. Can you believe that you need ZERO coding skills to use this bot software?!

What is UBot Studio ?
Speaking shortly its a tool which lets complete coding noobs make really complicated bots that will make their life easier. Read the rest