Levels Of Access

Blackhatpwnage has few levels of access to blackhat seo methods.. or mainly seo/money making methods [even tho this term currently sucks due to bad fame online].

1. Blog reading
@ read posts
@ can comment and ask questions
@ 100% free reading/download posted

2. Mailing list (signup below)
@ instant email after posting on blog so you can be the first reader
@ addon information about the post that i wouldn`t share public
@ extras of many kinds (ie. some important seo news or opportunities)

3. Locked Posts (signup here)
@ each of the posts could be made into best selling ebooks
@ access to public posts parts that are hidden from guest readers
@ methods not disclosed anywhere else
@ informations that can saturate if not protected
@ exclusive scripts, linkslists and programs
@ instant access to all the closed posts archive since 2013

Hope now you will know the differences and what you loose by missing each. Each level is different but all have 1 thing in common – zero bullshit or many words over little content. One good line counts for me more than 3 pages boring article. And that is how this blog works since 2011.

Blackhatpwnage is about going to the point shortest way – thats the proper blackhat mindset.

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