How to get backlinks indexed – Twindexator Review

So many of you are asking question how to get profile backlinks indexed and how to index them fast or in express mode.. For last weeks ive been testing new idea for that and seems it works preety well!


Whats the problem with indexing new sites or links ?
Mainly Googlebots are running on the internet 24/7 but they will not index everything You do which means loads of Your backlinks on unindexed pages [especially new forum posts, forum profiles] wont give any power to Your website nor rankings because they simply wont be counted. The way to index them is to spam all of them to other indexed pages [for example with Mass Prestige Poster]. This will take loads of time and resources tho. Simply – doesnt make sense. But You need to know that from Your Xrumer profile making or BacklinksGenie Xrumer Blast, 80% [sometimes even more!] are not getting indexed by Google at all.

Fast Indexing New Pages With Twindexator
Twindexator is a new idea of indexing backlinks by using twitter accounts. System has its own private proxies and the only thing You need is twitter accounts that You can buy bulk or make with free twitter account creator that i shared lately.
The setup is totally simple. Take Your backlinks and put them into one of modes – scheduled posting or 1 time posting hit play and let it run.
The other great thing is – You can let Twindexator automatically create own content for tweets so You will not waste any time doing that [especially if You put there 5k profiles from Xrumer Blast]. Google visits twitter all the time, and even tho the links there are nofollow they… get indexed very fast! Just 2 tweets per Your url and the backlink is indexed in google! All the indexing magic can happen from 2 minutes to 24h not longer with totally fresh and empty twitter accounts. Neat aint it?

Nothing to add really.. See yourself at Twindexator Official Site and use XBHPWNAGE coupon to get 20% discount.

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6 thoughts on “How to get backlinks indexed – Twindexator Review

  1. look at their customers forum for a script called ‘twixer’ they will also integrate it to the tool itself later on as they said

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