PRIVATE LINKING NETWORK COURSE – Chapter 2c 2d Buying from Brokers/Sellers or Using 3rd party tools to find PR domains

I countinue to post this previously created course, half for free half for paid members. This is next chapter.

Buying from Brokers/Sellers

The other method is to buy decent domains for link network from ‘brokers’ by that i mean places like:
– forums [always watch out – the links might be from old networks or so] – id suggest [yeh!] or i personaly dont have account on them but i know people got there some pretty cool things.
– straight domain sellers, but they need to be checked. There is 1 member here selling .uk domains in BST, also i will be putting here domains from time to time that you can get. Those domains are not cheap but mostly are NON dropped, have constant and PR. Check
– domain parking sites – they wont have PR but they may have traffic and backlinks. Needs checking. Ie Sedo, TradeDoubler etc.

Using 3rd party tools to find PR domains
buying expired domains cheapOf course this stuff can get easier – there is 2 tools to research expired,BIN and auctions.
1st is paid called – FreshDrop. It allows you to find domains across loads of registrars. Here is my example setup:

2. The other way to seek domains is simply free –
Setup is similar – just dont use majestic as it seems to be failing and 0 domaisn will show up.
For expired go for PR3+ with at least 1 link from google.
For auctions/BIN PR4+ with at least 50 links from google.

3. Similar is
Choose PR one after another to see whats up.
And thats it.

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