How to Get on the First Page of Digg With Your Article/Website

This post will be visible to others after some time, now only people from the newsletter are allowed to see it, so you are the first to exploit the blackhatseo method. This is called Social Media Optimatization aka SMO. Just the greyhat way.

front page of digg

What blackhat trick will we learn here ?

We will learn how to be on main page of for our niche [technology/news/polics etc].
You may get article to front page of whole digg service also [watch out thiso gives 8k+ hits in a hour, can kill your server]. Front page of niche gives around 2k per hour – easier to stand. You will be able to get page on digg even with banned domain 😉

Okay lets the job done.

Why am i giving this out ?
I hate digg and i dont use it. I actually made this greyhat seo tactic around year ago, a bit changed since then. Before all changes i want to let people be listed on the first page of digg an see how such blackhatseo methods work. I dont need it anymore.

Few words before we start
Okay i have to say this wont happen in one day, and you will need to really work on this to happen and plan it exactly. You will need around 1-2months to prepare, and then one day and bang you are there. Think good how to monetize this then. People say Digg users dont click in ads. Well with 2k unique visits per hour for at least 32hours somebody will click – trust me. But sure there is other ways to monetize – all depends what you want to sell there. Anyways here you got most updated list of top paid adsense keywords.

Step by step preparation to own First Page
You will need to register at least 5 accounts. Back in time just 2 were needed, now a bit changed – soon you will know what. Also on the end i will explain a bit how to automate. For start i will just show you the blackhat seo technique done with hands, so you understand everything. You need to clear cookies after making each one of them, for each one use proxys. They can be public.

digg.comOkay lets put that into points and get alghoritm cracked:

1. Make accounts for using proxies [at least 5]. Public proxies are usually mad slow, but that doesnt matter. The funny thing is digg checks your ip only when logging, after that you turn off the proxy and can surf with our usual speed 😉
2. Make each of accounts look nice – use avatars, digg some random things from main page etc.
3. Dont log to them one after one, do that on a bit different hours.
4. Since you already know your niche go to its front page on digg service, see most popular topics, see ‘who dugg’ and invite all fo those people to your friends.
It will block you from friend adding sometime, so you wont be abble to add whole 1k in one day. Dont rush anyways so you dont trigger flags. I suggest to use each account another day, so that you dont add same people. Also submit on digg story from proper sites like bbc etc. [depends on topic].
4a. Adding proper stories to get credibility. Surely or is good, but preety hard to be fast. There is other ways to add news fast to digg.
This is just example so nobody burns all sites with spamming 😉 We got page Their news hit the main page fast and the structure of news is preety easy to exploit. Lets see: is the latest post. That means 687 will be next one. Now you already know the adress, just need to submit it before others..
5. Comment on others people diggs from first page.
6. Since you got 5 accounts make an account on This is invite only system to get automated diggs. Now you wont have to find people to digg your story. Here is few piqqus working invite codes:

# 8689
# 8690

[if you need a code just write in the comments field, i will give you]
6a. Digg cares of ratio of people in friends list that dugg the article, and people who are ‘strangers’ to you. Now with piqqus system this is covered. Now you will have others people articles to digg and earn diggs. Do that for some period of time while working to get on first page of digg.

Okay i assume around 2-3 weeks lasted and you made all that is needed to exploit Have 1k friends per (at least!) 5 accounts, many diggs to be used on piqqus. Notice that if you are lazy you can just buy diggs from them. To get on 1st page you will need around 100 diggs from piqqus to support you along with other techniques w will describe.

Now time to think about your site, lets assume it will be a blog post.
Now the technique we will use is simply linkbaiting. What is link baiting?
It is to create something that naturally getting people to talk about it, discuss it on forums, blog about it, posting it on and linking to it from their sites. And this doesnt have to be done whitehat 😉 Ah yes did i mention you will get loads of backlinks from this action ?
Anyways, speaking shortly we prepare article that doesnt have to be actually true, it just has to be interesting. Depends on a niche and things you have to say it can be:
– made up story of new product
– made up story of some happening [landing of aliens, death of somebody even?? – later on you can write next post saying it wasnt true heh..]
– photoes of top10 models
– funny picture [usually should touch todays news, you see somebodyy threw shoe on Bush? Draw something about this!]

Everything depends on your brain skills here and time you want to spend. Surely put some hot pics in the digg article. Sometimes hot pic in the article can give you more interest than the actual text.
Usually news from the world or holidays can be inspiration to good blackhat seo linkbaiting.

Now add the Digg this button to site. It can be done with digg digg wordpress plugin or read here about diggs way to do it themselves.
Put up the banners and get ready for action of taking over the

Action time

first page of digg.comOkay i assume you made everything what i told you, and you are fully ready. Now notice that most users on are from USA. That means you need to submit the story to digg when they dont sleep. Timeing is madly important! Okay now we do the following:

1. Submit story to digg with your best account [the one that maybe got to first page already or at least had many diggs on its posts].
1a. Back in time when shouting on worked, you would just shout out now to your 1k friends, then from other 4 accounts that are not connected to you, you would get another 4k shouts. Bang – 1st page of digg there. Now its harder. You will have to digg and comment the story with all of them so their friends see this acion on their profie page and maybe digg also. Remember to log in to digg with proxy!
2. Do not do that with all accounts at once, first use 2m, then next ones in around 1h. Refresh your article all time till you see at least 20 diggs. Then use the piqqus power – 100 to come. They wont come within 20 minutes, maybe be coming for 24h even. We just wait for this 15 ‘white diggs’ to see if the story has good enough potential to get dugg by power digg users later on.
3. Add your blog post [that has Digg it button!] to all social sites/forums you are on. Each digg counts from now on!
4. If you are postin story about lets say ‘spider man’ find some forums on the niche of your digg article with spider man fans and post your blog there. Those psychofans can really help.

Now just sit back and wait. You surely get the front page of diggs category, and if article was good enough you get to the real front.

Hints for the end
I said you can get to front page of digg with a banned site. Yes you can – been there, done that. Use a simple not popular urlshorter. But not tinyurl or so, use ones from other countries like. Unknown urlshortening service list: – polish url shortening service – other kind of place to cut url – shorten urls fast

Up here you can get free automated digg tool to add digg users and vote on topics;
Features of this free digg bot:
* Automated Digg account registration
* Automated mass voting on one or multiple URLs, including support for random voting and random delays
* Automated URL submission based on a Dialog or a file with URLs (+topic,description,title)
* IP management (remembers which IP was used for each account and uses it again)
* Full anti-captcha support for automated captcha solving
* Catchall domain support to make account registration easy (in case you have a catchall email domain)
* Can automatically generate (strange) names

Liked this method ?

If so, please help promoting this blog by linking to it or at least telling people on forums/showing to your friends. Thats not so much, is it ? 😉

UPDATED INVITES TO PIQQUS (the ones on bottom are newest ones):

# 8858
# 8859

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