SEO and Internet Marketing Black Friday Deals & Coupon Discounts

Ok a good start will be a list of best software and discounts for black friday – cyber monday. Get yourself ready, prepare money that will later multiply with all this tools and wisdom. This list was 100% hand choosen by me.

SEO Software and Services that Im using since YEARS + extra coupons for them!
Those are still on market and i have been using them since 3-5 years now. Really stabile and supported ones.
Zennoposter – this is an massive and decent tool, even if you are clueless about using it – loads of people sell working bots. I will be selling and sharing free bots here too. Just get this for all SPAM you want to do!
Article Video Robot – ever wanted to do professional video for your website but dont have time to do so? This is the solution. This stuff is AMAZING. Use code: getbonus30 to get 30% discount.
Captcha Sniper – the cheapest auto catcha solver on the market
Twitter Backlinks – want to make your tweets viral? This is the tool for it! twitterpwnage
Link Pipeline – decent indexing service, really worth it
Closed BlackhatPwnage Posts3F503B6B – 30% off half-year subscription to this blog 🙂 I will delete this link in 48h.
MyPrivateProxybhwpnange – 5% discount and 11th proxy free when buying 10.
SSLPrivateProxyBHPWNAGE – 15% discount but seems Black Friday deal might be better 🙂
Hostgator – they have really decent services and even allow hosting porn.
HostNinebhpwnage15 15% off 1st months invoice. They have .uk .ca. .usa IPs avaialble.

SEO Software and Services That Rock – Just use Black Friday Deals
Some of them may not have Blackhat Friday deal but still.. They will make you money!
Namecheap – you will get 1$ .com names and SSL certificates. Just you need to be awake and fast to get them!
Thwaites Research – really good keywords research tool with 1usd trial
Magic Submitter – this is one of my favorite account creators and posters. Really, better than Xrumer.
Paigham Bot – want even more links? This is a new little posting bot that can do.. Not that little things!
Inbound Now – system for wordpress that will let you make decent landing pages with A/B testing and alot of crazy things – EASILY!
Ads Xposed – Check which mobile ads are the best – spy on competition and twaek your owns!
Serp Woo – check positions, traffic and online reputation management for your brand with this tool. Best rank tracker out there!

Cool things on Amazon + 10% discount for Black Friday Discount
Ok for starters Amazon rocks but theres a way to get 10% discount for anything that sales on black friday.
You need to get some Bitcoin – buy it here for 100 usd. This link will give you extra 10 USD of BTC right away.
Now register to Purse with this link. They will give you 10% discount on anything you buy trought Bitcoin on Amazon.
Here is some items i would go for.
Movies about making money that you MUST SEE
Do not look them up, just watch – they are 100% worth it. Thats why i dont leave any descriptions.
Boiler Room
Wolf of Wall Street
Wall Street Money Never Sleeps
Middle Men
Margin Call
Glengarry Glen Ross
Office Space
Pirates of Silicon Valley
The Corporation

Other than movies i would go for hardware:
21 Bitcoin Computer – little machine that lets you run linux + btc miner same time and alot more.
Amazon Echo – simple system that answers your questions live 😉
Fire Tablet – really cheap but decent working machine that can be compares to iPAD.
Kindle – the best ebook reader ever, period.

Books i will not mention, most suck!


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