Ignite SEO Software Review

IgniteResearch brang lately new linkbuilding software to the market which has aspirations to be a fair competition to Xrumer or Mass Prestige Poster. After 2 weeks of testing im ready to write review of IgniteSEO.


Another linkbuilding tool ?
Well funny thing is, backlinks market is preety big but actually theres not many serious players so the niche is still open. Theres still loads of platforms that never been hit and thats what IgniteSEO wants to cover. The tool posts to loads of open [not needed to register] blog systems + it registers on many forum and blog types that you wouldnt be able to post in other software unless paying 50$ per Xrumer mod and having 100 instances of it installed on harddrive. What i found cool was this software can register and post on Drupal and Joomla blog types which is preety anticipated on the blackhat seo linkbuilding market. Another cool thing is that it can generate preety good looking comment automatically, so they may pass even moderated blogs sometimes if admin is a bit tired and wont read everything. It also has builtin scraper for few search engines, proxy checker, pinger and rss feed maker + a script mode where you can teach the software to do new platforms and other things. You can also import your own databases into it.

Main great functions of IgniteSEO
IgniteSEO captcha breaking

– built in serp scraper with footprints for all CMSes
– registering accounts on blogs and forums with email verification
– autobrekaing math captchas
– is multithreaded (dont use more than 20 tho or your CPU will run into 100% usage]
– rss creation + pinging
– proxy scraping and checking [you can use private proxies from pimp and they work fine!]
– automated content generation
– trying own free OCR before using decaptcher credits

Buy IgniteSEO
To not look like a fake sales thread but real post I need to add in this IgniteSEO review that the blackhat linkbuidling software is under constant develeopment and is often updated. Not everything works perfectly yet but it has functions of posting on places you wouldnt post links with anything else in the market. Its good addon to the other tools and im sure it will be a decent standalone tool in the future which wont need any others to backup it. Im using it daily since i got it because now i can put links on some really exciting register only platforms.
If you are interested simply get IgniteSEO here and use coupon bhpwnage20 to get 20% discount 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Ignite SEO Software Review

  1. i heard this was a piece of crap

    has there been a major upgrade in the last month or so?

    how many links are you getting daily with this and what is success rates like?

    kinda seems like something inbetween BL`er and your MPP neither of which I was very keen on, is this a fair comparison?


  2. yeah they updated it.
    im using that for spots that need registrations [drupal for example] the success rate is around 20% id say. but its a success rates of stickies, not just registration.

    im thumbs up for MPP as i had all tools no the market and still needed it.

    ps. i edited ur post since the other tool mentioned is susposed to be not sold anymore as the spots are reached and doesnt get updates so no need to mess up this post with it

  3. yeah they updated it.im using that for spots that need registrations [drupal for example] the success rate is around 20% id say. but its a success rates of stickies, not just registration.

  4. Benjie just use the link above [to be able to get discount] then get free trial [its unlimited but 14 days working] then simply order using the coupon and it will apply and work.
    this way you get ignite seo -20% price

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