This is from my post about DP –
The software doesnt work anymore but the idea stays similar.

Get GoDaddy Account + pay for auctions access like 4$ a year or something. This point is a must to use this system. Use code Auction12 for 50% off.
Get SnapNames account. It may say something about SSL but ignored it and proceed. This is good to have but not super required [less expired domains for seo than godaddy]
Get NameJet account same as above. This is also the less popular of above + sooner you will find it will cause you some problems and is expensive. Yet its beening used to get blackhat expired domains with pagerank.

We go to each of the sites and just look at domaisn with our range of money. The each domai nwe check with Ahrefs to see who links to them [ie if its pure spam or ha some decent links].
Thats time consuming but you can get there some nice stuff. I got there some domaisn than later become real sites – built off their original content ideas.
The downside is for some auctions to end you may need to wait long time.

The other idea is for getting cheap domains from Godaddy without waiting.

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order cheap pagerank domains guide
the important thing is to always use buy now or closeout domains. In this exampel we will get domains that are min 3 years old, have word health and are of .com .org or .net tld.
They will also cost between 1 and $16 and will be ready to buy right now.
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