Free Stuff For Xmas – Xrumer Lists, Blog Lists, WPMU Lists and more

Okay there was many blackhat software reviews lately so i kinda feel obligated to give out some stuff free especially that the blog is 1 year old now [we started last december] + theres Xmas.
Some stuff is password protected for blackhat mailing list users. If You join list today You wont get the passwords anyways – thats lesson for future. After You join You get password to NEW posts, not to oldies. WOuld be unfair of me to let late joiners use stuff right? So please dont email me about that 😉

Free scraped lists
For start i highly suggest registering with Dropxbox. Its free and really the fastest and best way to share files like scraped from google linklists or so. It will also let You access files from any computer You want as it auto synchronizes everything.

Downloads of free spamming lists:
Xrumer ListFree Forums LinksList – 35k list scraped during last 2 months. [Password protected – only for people from mailing list]
– Fresh scraped and tested for beeing alive Pligg Sites List – Perfect for Link Farm Evolution
– Over 93k WordPress Blogs List tested with link verifier aka 100% ready for Mass Prestige Poster
Free Autoapprove Edu Links [Password protected – only for people from mailing list]
Free WordPress MultiUser List fresh scraped and perfect for Link Farm Evolution

Blackhat Tools BHPWNAGE Discounts
On order use coupon bhpwnage blackhatseo software:
BookmarkWiz get 20$ off.
Ghost CPA and get 50$ discount.
Ubot and get 50$ discount.
– Go to Mass Prestige Poster site and place an order with Webmoney Payment [no paypal!]. In payment type put also code bhpwnage. Get 20$ off + software without waiting in queque. The promotion is from today till 7th january, after that it wont work.

Other Tools and Services Discounts
Article Video Robot use coupon getbonus30 to get 30$ discount on order.
– Use this special link to order Google WonderWheel Scraper and get 17$ discount.
– Go to Godaddy website and order 5 .info domains. On the checkout put code – gda1256. Then each of them will be just 49 cents!
– Go to Namecheap website and order VPS hosting. On checkout use code XMASMOOD to get 10% off any plan.

Now something for me
This is just a test but lets see how it goes. If You like me, the blog or we just helped You somehow You can donate us with paypal below. I promise i will buy alcohol from everything that is donated and i will post a picture of this stuff. Beer here costs just 2$ so even smallest donations are fine 😉 Lets see how much free booze i will get for Blogs Birthday+Xmas as a present 😉

Want to have access to closed posts, tools and discounts ?


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11 thoughts on “Free Stuff For Xmas – Xrumer Lists, Blog Lists, WPMU Lists and more

  1. hi, thanks for this files. heuuu i suscribe to the newsletter (check my mail) after the publication of this post…whooo it’s chrisams no? you can share the password with a new suscriber please..;-)

  2. rules are rules, people who sign 1st get more than people who sign later.

    at least next year u will have passwords 😉

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