Index site fast, get targetted visitors and pagerank boost with microblogging

Okay some days ago, before the blog was ready, ive posted this fast page googlebot indexing method on BlackHatWorld forum. Guys got on it preety fast and a bit overspammed the place. Befoe the technique doesnt work that good [it cant stop working actually, since it uses all purposes of this portal 😉 Thats why its so brilliant, let me post here an updated version of how to index new site trick. Okay enough talk, lets get the work.

The update on the blackhat blog to the original thread [so you guys dont have to read twice] that ive made on forum has: tags and avatar tricks on the profile that were not shared before.

What will we learn here?
With this simple and not yet known method i will teach you how to index new site within 12h [indexing of new domain can happen even in 1-2h!], get targetted visitors to the site [thats just extra thing to the method not the purpose] and get PR boost on the next update. Of course you will get some free high pagerank backlinks here too.

What will we use ?

Microblogging. Heard of that? Maybe you did, maybe you haven`t. Either way now you will learn to use advantage of this stuff to make it work for you. Method is freaking simple, n00b friendly and can be used in more places. For this example we will use but theres more of that pages. Learn how works 😉

Lets get to the method !

We go to and register an account. The main site has pr7 Lets say we have site about DogFood.

Now the steps are as follow:

We make an account with username CatFood. Use real mail – they do verify mail later on and without that, your posts wont be visible.
We fill in rest of info there.
Tricky part is:
– put website in website part
full name – put keyword [can be long tail] like ‘foods for dogs in england’
location – write something like ‘best catfood online here, just click’
tags – gnomeshell chip emacs 9fans foundation listening birthday namesday ubuntu linux gnu amarok wikipedia uni fb fsfs fellowship debian minimal xmpp web electronic jabber gmail [all of those is high PR page list tags, that will be linking to you – you will understand that when you read whole method]

Here is my screenshot as an example [dont worry of text in my language, yuo will have in yours]:

How to own Microblogging

Now the profile with link and keywords is ready. Is that all?

Now we go to the ‘avatar’ place and upload a simple avatar wit han arrow pointing to our adress and ‘CLICK HERE’ text. Example:

Get free targetted visitors and traffic

Now if somebody comes to the profile of yours it will look nice and he will click the link to visit your site.

Now we are ready to rumble!

For start we write one post, with something simple like “hey just googled for microblogging and found hope i will like this place”
Now this little post shown up on the main page of aka pr7 site. We ping the main page fast.

Now the funny thing about microblogging is that you can follow people [like on twitter] so you see all their posts and they see yours, and you can join groups [which is actually same]. Mainly speaking by adding yourself to a group/person your profie gets linked on their site. Tags that we used in the profile registration worked exactly same way.
Lets take advantage of that.

You need to subscribe to as many people and groups that have high PR. Theres lots of that, here i give you a bit of PR4, PR5, PR6 groups/people ready to be subscribed to.

Okay so what just happened?

Your newly made profie has LOADS of interlinks from HIGH PR pages. Googlebot is runnin on it already. Soon the trick to index site in google will work.

What now?
Yes you expected that. We make 1 post[do not overspam babe!] with our link again.
To make sure we get from it some visitors too we simply write something like “Hey thanx for letting me in. Btw if you are interested in dog food i have blog on the topic”.

So right now 4 things happened.
You are linked on pr7 main site of the site [ping!]
you are on all the profiles and groups with your link [pr4-6 links]
your profile on the got some interlinking from high pr insides
people who actually ready that stuff and need catfood will come targetted.

1- 12h and your site is indexed [yes you can index new site in minutes even] and on the next PR update you get at least pr2 just from that.

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75 thoughts on “Index site fast, get targetted visitors and pagerank boost with microblogging

  1. Please make one thing clear which is confusing for me that in example you mention that the site is about DogFood but in username you have used “CatFood” why?….is it written mistakenly or there is some logic behind it?

  2. awsome! this is what i call blackhat ^ ^. btw, beside of identi d’you hv other recommended sites?

  3. Great technique Im pretty sure it works but Im a bit concerned can your site get black listed from using this method. Please let me know

  4. i was starting to imagine i may possibly end up being the sole young man that thought about this, at least now i understand i’m not loco 🙂 i am going to make sure to find out more about a number different articles after i get a tad of caffeine in me, cheers 🙂

  5. Please do not abuse in this way. It is not a page rank farm, and I will report all of you who use it as one so your posts deleted and profiles blocked.

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