Article Video Robot 2.0 Review, Discount and Tutorial – Best Video Marketing Software Ever!

Article Video Robot guys are on the market since really long time, i did review of their v1 version in 2010 here and now after 3 years they are back with such badd-ass updates i cannot wait to tell you about. Really no bias, no hype – this is pure dope.

What is ArticleVideoRobot ?
Most of you wasnt with the blog since 2010 so i will remind you – its the easiest software on the market to make videos out of articles. You just paste there text [or seek with keywords on ezine articles etc] then it cuts it into paragraphs, adds voice, images, intro, outro watermarks.. Read the rest

Clickbank/JVzoo/WSO Pre-Launch SEO Method – Noob Friendly, Guaranteed Success

Lately there were many reviews, comparisons or closed posts on the viral marketing blog – blackhatpwnage. So i decided to share with you an guaranteed seo method to make money, really easy way to make money online that everybody can follow step by step. And to clear this up – this is not my method and some readers may know it, yet its still working and it is worth sharing here.

The Usual Problems with SEO
The problem is there is big competition or the product is hot for short period of time. Remember acai berry boom? Imagine you knew about it month before, prepared 50 landing pages, made slow SEO for them, kept stady ranks and just made profit when world goes crazy for the berries. Read the rest

Penguin Update Recovery – Post Penguin Linkbuilding Techniques

So i read all this posts here and there about Penguin and how to recover from it or what it is.. Mostly all this people make everything up, its their pure guesses or even ‘what the wish it was’. Either way a good linkbait. So here i am, with password protected post and some real finds.
If anybody shares this post or parts of it [even rewritten] hes not to smart. If you see such act please post in his thread the real source of this knowledge + let me know.
The more you share public the sooner its no use. Read the rest

Official BlackhatPwnage Linkbuilding Forum

It was on my head since long time and i finally made it – today i give that to Your hands – official blackhatpwnage seo forum ! This will be a great addon to the blog but i promise to keep there totally different stuff and never share there publicly anything from the mailing list. Just to make everything clear let me put a straigh differences between this two instances of blackhat seo information. Dont be suprised its not empty – ive been inviting there some friends since a week to fill some content + test everything for bugs. Read the rest

How To IFrame CPA Offer For Free Without CPAGod

What is iframing ?
This is a totally blackhat technique.. Actually its even considered fraud so keep that in mind before starting.
The method is mailinly to make people submit email to something else that it really is and get paid for each email.

This method is not hard but the article may look a bit crazy to You. Just read few times, try to make the files and You will understand everything.

What will we need to iframe CPA offer
This is used mostly for email submits, can be used for zip submits too. Anyways on this case lets do it with email. Read the rest

How to Get on the First Page of Digg With Your Article/Website

This post will be visible to others after some time, now only people from the newsletter are allowed to see it, so you are the first to exploit the blackhatseo method. This is called Social Media Optimatization aka SMO. Just the greyhat way.

front page of digg

What blackhat trick will we learn here ?

We will learn how to be on main page of for our niche [technology/news/polics etc].
You may get article to front page of whole digg service also [watch out thiso gives 8k+ hits in a hour, can kill your server]. Front page of niche gives around 2k per hour – easier to stand. Read the rest