Bulk Mailing Software – Mail Mascot Review

This is blackhat software of another kind that we used to review here. A mass/bulk mailing tool with a few other powerful options.

What is mailing used for ?
For the last 10 years mass mailing has been growing, and for one main
reason. It is profitable! Businesses worldwide send millions of emails a day
and take huge profits ($100,000+ p/m). Now is your chance to get in on this
action with this blackhat tool!
And the case here is – its game of numbers.” There are many different mailing strategies, you can either extract huge lists and
send to them about things they can be interested, buy opt in/targeted lists
or go legit and use your own opt ins and sign ups. Obviously, the final
method would bring you the highest conversions, but nevertheless it is all
possible through the Mail Mascot now. And the case here is – its game of numbers.
You either need to send loads of emails to stuff that anybody can be interested in – Buy Viagra Cheap, Propecia Online, Lexapro, Rolex Watches etc or need a targetted list to send there CPA offers.

Mailing Fucntions
Mass Blackhat Mailing ToolMail Mascot program is made for mass mailing. It has everything You may need – proxies rotation for mailing, SMTPs rotation, Accounts alive checkers, List filters, up to 100 threads speed, possibility of mailing straight from computer without servers, HTML editors and more.. Read everything on the site – HERE.

What Mail Mascot Gives Us as a Bonus
About the function of mass mailing itself Mail Mascot software give us some addon tools that will help to start bulk mailing.
– The tool email harvesters from Twitter and Craiglist. By proper usage You can get here a preety decent number of free email listnings [so no need to buy lists] emails that will be targetted [if You scrape from proper categorys].
– This blackhat mailer has also a normal harvester of emails – it will harvest them from a page given.
Spam score tester – it check how You email may be seen by filters. Preety usable
Yahoo account creator – yeah, only this module is almost worth the price of the tool. Currently captchas have to be put in manual mode tho.
email tracking – quickly track emails through google analytics
email merge / name personalization – send personalized emails, and use auto tags/tokens like subject, location and name in kinda spinned way.
Even if You are not really experienced in blackhat mailing the owner gives prety fast and noob friendly support. See more about Mail Mascot On Official Site

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9 thoughts on “Bulk Mailing Software – Mail Mascot Review

  1. Hey, that is really an awesome application and I haven’t met to such kind of app. still.

    Well to brief about this application, and sure would like to go with it.


  2. Is there any way to set up an API for adding emails to list…. Saying this could be a Propper
    replacement for a weber services?

  3. Nice review. I have used this program for a while and it’s pretty great. Well worth the money! 🙂

  4. @Adbox, you should recommend it to the developer, he is usually really good at adding new things.

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