14 thoughts on “How to Get High PageRank Backlinks Using Tumblr

  1. good call bro, didnt check it since some time but i was assuming this would happen.

    good part is google still follows ‘nofollow’ links but mainly that makes the method worth way less.

  2. Is this method completely dead? You need to change the domain’s A record to point at tumblr now if you want to use a custom domain. Won’t that just make your site forward to the tumblr blog? Is there a way around that now?

  3. just dont click ‘verify’ for the nameservers and will be fine. so far they didnt force that 😉

  4. My question is how to create backlinks to my wp-blog using tumblr. I was thinking to post in tumblr using my wp-blog’s content and link into the page. Do you think that will work ? is that links will no-follow ? please reply me.

  5. hello i am trying to use automaticbacklinks.com to tumblr blog there is no option to use php code in tumblr can anyone help me to integrate automaticbacklinks in tumblr
    if you have any trick please tell me or make a new way
    but make any jugad

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