Take Advantage Of Spammers

Today we will speak how to make work done with little effor aka use other people who do blackhat seo spam to work for You with their software 🙂

Let them spam Your site, then steal commisions
Yeah simple as that. First we get some VPS or managed Dedicated server and totally whitehat – my favorite place is HERE. Do not forget to order VPS/Dedi it with Cpanel, then You have Fantastico to install stuff easy way.
Now there are few possibilites but both start the same – get old domain with PageRank. Theres many places to find them so i wont mention, but thats preety needed.
After You have domain + good server we install with Fantastico PHPBB forum, take off protections like captcha etc and let it be alive. Now make few posts [or use Ubot studio to do it automatically] and start linking the forum with Xrumer or Mass Prestige Poster and promote it on forums.
After some time look for raising number of users and forum spam posts [surely allow pharmacy guys in!]. When You see somebody started having traffic on their profile/topic just switch affiliate links to Yourself 😉 Comissions stolen.
Same goes for installing WPMU and letting people using Link Farm Evolution spam it.

Let them link Your site
Other twist on the method is making the WPMU or Forum as we spoke, then after we see organic traffic from spam links and links are raising [in Google webmaster tools] we wait for Pagerank update. When its done.. Simply 301 redirect all pages to domain, where we will WPMU/Forum but put our landing page instead.

Header( “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” );
Header( “Location: http://www.moneysite.com” );

Bang we have traffic and power to new site we made 0 work on.

Get autoapproved backlinks
This is super simple. We put Akismet on blog [just like i did here or can be autoblog that we check], then we check who comment spammed us with some nasty stuff that doesnt look legit at all [to be sure it didnt go trought moderation]. Now we scrape all the links [read post about scraping competitors backlinks – Outrank Google Competition].
Here is few examples of people who spammed blackhat pwnage blog 🙂 Go grab their autoapprove links:

Get backlinks from comments
Okay so You have a blog [Wordpress], then You let people spam it to hell, but You keep posting [i highly suggest making autoblog]. Make the blog dofollow to have better rates wit this plugin. Then simple use the comment hijack plugin and change all comment links to Your site links.

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4 thoughts on “Take Advantage Of Spammers

  1. Awesome article.

    Q: instead of redirecting all traffic away from the blog or forum, once the spammers start hitting the site big time, why not become an affiliate for the programs the spammers are promoting and 301 individual forum URLs?

    Granted it’s more work, but the forum would still be there for spammers to continue to use and you could have multiple chances of affiliate income.

  2. hey of course!
    but i said that [maybe u missed it] in 1st part of the post:
    “After some time look for raising number of users and forum spam posts [surely allow pharmacy guys in!]. When You see somebody started having traffic on their profile/topic just switch affiliate links to Yourself”. Maybe it wasnt clear enough but thats what i meant 🙂

  3. Nice, and you might get some good ideas for spam comments that fly under the radar and are more likely to get approved by unwitting webmasters

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