Free Pinging Software

This time i unlocked the post, but some posts will always be locked for people who didnt join my mailing list.

Anyways today i will share with you a free pinger tool.
Ive been looking around and most of free pinging software had some kind of limits of sites or so.. So i made this one. It will automatically ping pingomatic, bing and some others.

.txt file with Proxies [host:port] – if you dont have proxy put or localhost:80.. depends on setup.
.txt file with sites to ping – 1 by line [for example your whole Link Farm Evolution blog farm:) ]
loops number – lets say you want the software to make a few rounds of site pining with software, then put there a number. Minimum 1 since 0 = no pings 😉
delay (in seconds) – thats a delay between pings. If you ping 1 site without proxy then put some delay [like for 10 minutes or so] if you ping alot of sites with proxy then u can put 0.


Ps. You need windows + NET framework for the tool to work. It is an .exe and kaspersky may show that there is a virus but thats fake – just UBot Studio has some issues with this antivir stuff..

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4 thoughts on “Free Pinging Software

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