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Allright there is Thanksgiving in USA today and tommorow there is Black Friday.. Up here we dont care and give something free akak free nucelus cms backlinks maker 🙂

Nucleus CMS Spammer
This is made with Ubot and this is actually one of first module of Mass Prestige Poster yet of course MPP blackhat software is way more sophisticated – auto-generates emails, comments (if you want) and can break captcha. Still Nucleus CMS is often good to place high pagerank comments on and unliked wordpress a little bit less known by n00bs 🙂
Setup of this free backlinking software is easy: unrar and run. You will need NET framework for this to work and this is Windows only.

Software Functions
Inside the folder you will find few .txt files. They have to be in same direcotry as the .exe itself. As i repeat this is made with Ubot Studio which triggers some antivirus softwares. If you feel unsafe run this with Sandboxie or dont run at all 🙂
The software will randomly put emails, comments and anchors for the comment while the website to link needs to be with http:// in the right window. If you have 1 comment or 1 anchor just leave one.
And if you already own MPP or other software that may comment on Nucelus like Xrumer or IgniteSEO still its worth to get the package. There is fresh scrape of Nucelus blogs inside.

How to Scrape own Nucelus CMS Targets
Here are few example search queries:
“E-mail/HTTP:” + “Nucleus CMS”
“Add Comment” + “Copyright | Nucleus CMS”
“Your comment:” “E-mail/HTTP” “Nucleus CMS”
“E-mail/HTTP:” + “Nucleus CMS” inurl:.php?itemid=

Ive scraped it with Best SEO Suite and 10 MyPrivateProxy proxies the nchecked module known as URL Performance Checker set to 1 minute.


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