Free Blackhat Software – WordPress Comment Spammer + Link Verifier

As i promised this post is closed and i will not open it for people that didnt subscribe to mailing list. If you want you can share tool with your friends who dont have their own spammers but please dont copy it publicly to any blog or so. – edit, the blackhat post is opened now after some months.

What is WP Spammer for ?

WordPress is most worldwide spread CMS on the internet, and allows you to put anchor [as a name] and url [as a website] in comments field. Many blogs are not moderated, dont have captcha and have high PR. That means the commenting is preety worth it. Of course many of them is nofollow, but since soon Google is going to start ignorign this attribute and other search engines totally do so – its still worth to comment on all of those.

How to find WordPress blogs ?

You will need footprints to enter in Google, Bing or Yahoo. I could give you preety good list of sites here but it would spread with speed of light and all blogs would be closed. Can you imagine that for latest months i had a list of almost 18k spots on 10k different domains with no captcha and no moderation and now only 300 of them still work this way?
Yes it means wordpress spam saturates sites preety fast this days, but its still worth it. Theres loads of places not found by others.

Here is some simple footprints that you can use for start:
“powered by wordpress”

“Leave a Comment” + “Name” + “Website”

Okay thats what to seek for. But theres also stuff we dont need:

-“You must login to post a comment”
-“Comments closed”

Now compare 1st list with the second, add something extra and you can have preety unique wordpress footprints for start. The ratio of working sites will be around 5-10%.

How to use WP Spammer

This WP Spammer is really simple and wont post on all possible WordPress sites. Ive made it within short time for a friend who didnt want to comment on his small list of high PR posts list with hands.

The bot is standalone and made with UBot Studio. If you want to have your own copy with discount use BHPWNAGE coupon on Ubot Site while ordering.

Ok here is how it works:

– put url that you want to spam in 1st field

– put your anchors in .txt file. I suggest around 5 and load

– put your wordpress blogs list in .txt and load – the more then better

– put your comments .txt and load.

– click play and wait.

The spammer will start, go to each site one by one and post if possible. On the end in the directory where you had script there will be file “wordpress-posted.txt”. This is list of blogs which you take and put in the second program.

Spam Link Checker

Just put your website that was previously used for spam in 1st field, load .txt of “wordpress-posted” and click play. Now the new list that shows up in directory of tool will have sites that already have your link.

Download programs



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  1. shared an awesome idea to where you can script automated Blackhat tools that they will be using this new scripting project called sikuli.

  2. I’m very excited in using this software, so far I’m able to looking for the wordpress bloh so easily. Thanks for the sharing bro.

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