Penguin Update Recovery – Post Penguin Linkbuilding Techniques

So i read all this posts here and there about Penguin and how to recover from it or what it is.. Mostly all this people make everything up, its their pure guesses or even ‘what the wish it was’. Either way a good linkbait. So here i am, with password protected post and some real finds.
If anybody shares this post or parts of it [even rewritten] hes not to smart. If you see such act please post in his thread the real source of this knowledge + let me know.
The more you share public the sooner its no use. Thats what people making this public blog networks dont get usually.

How to find out if it was Penguin ?
So there was Panda update at 19th april and Penguin alghoritm update at 24th. First to be able to recover you need to know what hit you.
So now in BestSEOSuite there is added Penguin Penalty Checker. Put there your website(s) + keywords and see if they were affected by Penguin or not [then Panda or normal drops]. This checks up to top100 and gives changes in bulk. To use it put
google penguin

If for some reason you want to play this with hands the query in is ie:
“buy viagra” vs “buy viagra”.
Free way to do this.

Penguin Got Me – Should i Take Down Spammy Links?
Fuck no. Your penalty might be from lost links [ie from public networks] so you want to loose even more links? You want to add more quality natural looking links, not loose what you gathered. Unless you are on dexindex domains, then sure take those down. But all the indexed links – keep. Or shortly – keep em all and just add more or move to the new domain. Sometimes your previous linkbuilding might be so bad that would be easier to start site from scratch than trying to fix it. This way

Automated Past Penguin Link Building
So now you know what pwned your stats. What to do now for the website or how to mainly make new websites and link?
For start dont listen to the bullshit about taking
I said that in previous post tho – its about diversification – of anchors and link types.
Of course lets say you had 50 sites or whatever.. you cannot build that links with hands. So here is few tools about MPP that will do it with explanation, im not speaking about blog posting as thats propably what fucked your ranks up.
BLG– wikis, directories, article directories, social bookmarks, xrumer profiles
Link Emperor – wikis, directories, article directories, social bookmarks, xrumer profiles, google +1, FB likes
Twindexator – Twitter links (of course automated and no need to generate content!)
Backlinks Indexer – this is for indexing but actually its a super fast randomized anchor poster.
This links are sure deal to help you out.

Half-AUtomated Linkbuilding of Sure Properties
Have more time or your site was making 2k$ a day and you really want to work on it? There is also a way. Use the query i taught you in the first part of this post. Take Ahrefs Site Explorer top plan [now worth the money even more than before!] and check links of sites that DIDNT DROP after Penguin update. Not dropped ones, not new but the ones that were there and stayed on same position. Check their anchors [yes Ahrefs has this option]. Yes be a copy cat, who cares ?!

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