UBot Studio – The MUST HAVE WhiteHat BlackHat SEO Tool

Allright this is the first blackhat seo tool review on the blog, because its first tool really worth it.. And by worth it i mean it is a must have. Guys who made Ubot Studio filled a huge niche in the bot automation market and made a tool that whatever topic or kind of seo techniques you are doing, you will find it useful. Can you believe that you need ZERO coding skills to use this bot software?!

What is UBot Studio ?
Speaking shortly its a tool which lets complete coding noobs make really complicated bots that will make their life easier. UBot uses Visual Scripting Language which you will be able to learn within 5 hours of watching detailed tutorial videos. It has inbult actions useful for bot making: email/names generation, captcha solving outsourcing, proxy flipping and what not.. Great thing is the bots are compiled as standalone programs so later on you can give them to friend or even sell without worrying if they are compatible with someones computer.

So what can you make with UBot Studio ?
After watching few Ubot tutorials [in which you wont be wasting time, but actually building your first bots!] with totally 0 coding knowledge, you will make blackhat seo bots yourself that you never dreamed to make yourself:
– search engine scrapers
– craiglist posters
– comment spammers
– blog configurators
– autoblog posters
– auto email verification clickers
– article posters
– account creators (digg, reddit, twitter whatever)
– pagerank checkers
– youtube uploader/comment
– link verifiers
or whatever you imagine – sky is the limit while working with UBot !

Speakin shortly.. You get UBot – you dont buy any seo software any more. This is the last tool You will ever buy. And what is best – UBot Studio MAD simple to use and the community that built around it (yes! its so new and already has whole community of users) is always willing to help solve any type of scripting problems you may have – even the simplest.

One thing is sure – when UBot spreads on the automation tools market all people making money from bot creation will go bankrupt.

Where to order UBot Studio?

UBot Studio is 245$ and can be ordered on the official UBot site.
Of course readers of this blackhat blog get a bonus. While ordering, use UBot coupon – bhpwnage and pay only 199$ ! !

Having in memory that from the moment of purchase you have access to tutorials and .ubot files of bots previously made by other people it means that even before making any bot you will be already feeling that the seo tool was 100% worth it.

Door Keys v.1 (100% free standalone keyword scraper)
Okay as a second bonus after giving out the UBot Studio 199$ coupon to my readers im sharing first bot that ive made with UBot Studio. It took me less than 10 minutes and im sure all of you will find it useful – especially people who work with doorway pages and autoblogs 🙂

Door Keys v.1 (100% free standalone keyword scraper)
System requirements:
You will need Windows NET framework, thats it.
What is does:
– goes to google`s keywordtool external
– changes your options of research for english/united states [useful for people who live in asia/europe]. In some cases you may have to change interface language to english to have the tool working
– popups window with captcha for you to solve [its needed just on 1st search]
– counts keywords and makes .txt file in bots directory with scraped google keyword tool
How to run it:
– type in your keyword in the empty field
– click start button

-> DOWNLOAD FREE KEYWORD SCRAPER HERE <- [sorry the software doesnt work anymore due to google changes]

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15 thoughts on “UBot Studio – The MUST HAVE WhiteHat BlackHat SEO Tool

  1. this is good but the price… :/ Still can’t afford 199usd just to test it. They should give us 7 days free trial first.

  2. actually there is 30 days moneyback guarantee. so u get it for 199$, and if during 30 days u decide u dont like it, they give the cash back 🙂

  3. people from mailing list get passwords to the posts. if u want to have access to future blocked posts subscribe. this post will never be unprotected, i promised that to the readers.

  4. hi iglow, how can i obtain the password please?
    i got suscribe to your mailing list but i dont see the password.

  5. the law doesnt work backwards – if u subscribed now u will have your own password to new posts, but not to previous ones. this way people who subscrive first get more than people who subscribe last.

  6. the scraper does not seem to work. I am using windows xp pro.
    Can you help? Thanks

  7. i thought it was crap, unrealistic to use for blackhat white hat blue hat whatever…not worth a penny!!

  8. Just got Ubot and am learning how to use. So far, well I have a lot to learn but it’s all good. If I can learn Xrummer,SenukeX etc…then this will be a walk in the park…Chris

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