Best Free SEO Software 2013 – Online Marketing Tools

There is so much cool and free seo programs/services ive decided to put them up here for you, so you can take advantage. I literally use alot of them daily when working and you should do too – innstead of overpaying. Here is my list!

Free SEO Service Websites – No Login – check how website was built, what CMS or scripts are behind it – clean texts from html [ good for fast copy-paste articles] – best software for checking broken links on websites – text re-encoder and cleaner, really nice – big keyword tool for longtails – free schema creator, really good tags for websites – find email by data of somebody. preety wack but can be useful sometimes 🙂 – check website stats link backlinks, soecial links, metadata etc for free – open many websites in tabs from pasted text 🙂 – best free proxy checker EVER! – robotx.txt generator

Free SEO Service Websites – Sign-Up Needed – free rank checker – free article rewriter – make free captions for youtube videos – great stats oposed to google analytics – get info on new links to your website – decent free infographics creator – if this then that – action scripting for web2.0 and online services – twitter analytics to find out more how to get more people following you

Free Trials – Get up TO 30 Days without Paying a Dime
All of them were reviewed on BHPWN and since this are 100% free trials or oven not trials but just serivces do not be worry to use them in your seo campaigns!
GSA SER 5 days free – one of most popular SEO spam tools
Blog NET Bandit 7 days free trial – great web 20.0 interlinking tool
Magic Submitter 30 days trial – imo top tool form the monthly payed backlink ones. Desktop of course
Sick Sbmitter 3 day free trial – massive tool with lots of addon and custom platforms
BuzzBundle free version – try it if you want more power, just buy it – decent social commenter/poster
Article Video Robot 2.0 Free Trial – just check how powerful that tool is when making videos
Backlinks Genie Free Plan – free links from few sources, cant hurt
Fightback Network Free Account – check the most powerfull private newtwork which google cannot kill

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