The 100% Sure Money Making Method Online – Arbitrage of SEO Services

Ok to start this year we will start with a real bomb. Somethign that works 100%, loads of people do it [hey hope you gfuys wont be mad?] and many didnt think of or wasnt sure. The arbitrage and reselling of services at way higher prices. This way you do *almost* nothing yet you make good cash.

SEO Services Arbitrage
This happends in 90% on seo forums, of course happends in SEO agencies [called outsourcing then;)] but mainly it means: get reputation, sell overpriced stuff somebody else does cheap. Its not a scam [as long as whats advertised is provided] its just way to go. You will not se me doing that, i only sell my softwares on forums – im simply too lazy and.. yes if you outsource something may fuck up. Keep that in mind.
So to make a basic idea is to get on some SEO forum, get some reputation and posts – try to answeer topics you know anything about, try to no ask questions etc. When you hit enough posts/rep [sometimes you can just buy VIP at such forums – do it before selling] go for the sales thread using somebody cheap job and make it expensive so you get 1000% cut.

Example of SEO Services
So in this example we will go to.. where everything costs $5 and we will try to make a cheap seo linkwheel service. First we seek for “high pagerank”. We find loads of people wanting to sell ‘human created pages on hig hpaerank sites’ ie:
“I will create 10+ web 2.0 profiles using some of the Biggest PR9 Authority websites. (High Pagerank is on root domain, not page) there will be a mix of no and do follow, anchored, and non-anchored, some with about me text, some without, which is the most natural, search engine friendly technique to use as it doesn’t look spammy, I’ll then send your URLS to my premium indexer”. Just choose 2 of services with 20+ good comments. Thats our tier1.
Tier2: “blog network”. Now we have people offering “In my gig you will get 75 Anchored and Contextual links from my 25 different domains with trust, authority and PR. I will post content (spun) related to your website on High Quality domains from my Private Blog Network”.
Tier3: “blog commenting” with stuff like “I will create 500 blog commenting backlinks to enhance serp of any website”.
So now you have 3 services to spent $15 and quote them for at least $100. Yes this are the prices. Voila in few words i gave you more than any WarriorForum ebook and this is 100% working and alot of BST sellers on SEO forums use it.
You can stack this stuff up till you hit universe. Theres nothign wrong here, nobody cares that you paid $5. Just like you dont care when you buy coffee in Starbucks at 1500% overpiced sale.

The Downsides of Method
This method is 100% working and safe to make money onlien yet.. it has downsides. Many of the sellers may suck with their quality or responsiveness. You need to have backup ones and you need to be able to tak refunds. Speaking shortly – you need to be online and talking alot to both sides to make sure it works. Its cheap – sure is, but if you get overhelmed with clients it may get you into trouble as your Fiverr guys may get even more clients and wont be able to complete the job.

Arbitrage reselling of SOftwar Uses
Ever seen guys selling Xrumer or Scrapebox blasts? This is what they are doing – they got software that they dont know how to use, so they make money on you ordering + learn on you. Of course im not speaking of everybody but more or less thats it. People buy software, learn to “run it”. Then wait for you to give some keyworrds/directions and they pay off the soft with your cash and testing on you. Yes its rude but just think.. who knowing how to rank with Xrumer would sell you services for it? 🙂 Of course theres excetions of people ranking so much sites they are out of niches to touch so support others. Its small percent.
SO softwares for this about mentioned would be: Article Video Robot [sell their whiteboards for $150+!], Magic Submitter [run this mad backlinks pyramid for 24h and get at least $200!], Twitter Backlinks [who doesnt want retweet from old accounts?!] and alot more from what i shared here. This is just top of the mountain.

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2 thoughts on “The 100% Sure Money Making Method Online – Arbitrage of SEO Services

  1. These techniques are more useful at the site you have mentioned here and there is so many Black hat SEO available that provide valuable services to boost your sites and provides the best material you want to have but I think these ideas are only for the people who do not want to pay more for the SEO of their site.

  2. Not bad, I like how you think about software. To get people to learn how it work and more importantly get them to tell you what not to do.

    btw, welcome back to blogging! 😉

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