Google`s Penguin 2.0 Update – How to Rank Sites After Penguin Penalty

Here is my opinions about penguin 2.0 followed by research of me and other SEOs or just called it simpler and more straight to the point – search engine spammers 😉 Yes – any time you build a link you are not whitehat. Links are suposed to be build by others for you because they love your great conent. If you do anything else – you are not whitehat. Remember that.

Penguin 2.0 Changes and How to Fight It
Google claims their algoritm change has impact of: “About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice. The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide. The scope of Penguin varies by language, e.g. languages with more webspam will see more impact.”.
ANd for the first time it seems, that it really touched 2% of USA, but countries that felt penguin 2.0 more were United Kingdom, Poland, France.

Actually theres nothing new that you should fix since last penguin – vary the anchor, use many sources [diversify links] and try to get lnks from websites with big google trust rank. If you got hit by penguin just review your diversity and platforms – keep using tools like Magic Submitter that can produce more whitehat looking links than any other soft.

Lets get back to biggest market tho – USA.But what we actually see is there was no big impact on so called blakchat seo guys doin, this update touched mostly people who tried going more white – buying links from ‘top places’, getting press releases and guest posts. I will obviously not say what stayed alive but the sites that mostly lost their positions were by small business companies who paid some bucks for their links – not made them theirselves. Propably thats actually best for google – now they will have more adwords. Speaking shortly this attack was mostly against SEO companies. I wouldnt be suprised if google actually got contracts with some just to see what they use. Id even say from their point of view its even better if spammy LPs rank by some people like me and companies pay for adwords the big bucks. If you think differently – feel freee to comment.

Penguin 2.0 Fights Duplicate Conent
Penguin 2.0 was actually about conent more than other stuff that you think or they make you think. I read alot of statistics on sites and comparisions but as usual nobody was smart enough [or just had knowledge] to notice whats really going on.
For example,,,, lost ranks in this update [as a whole site with longtails – not as a main domain]. You see yet what could be a reason?
no? I will tel lyou now that itself raised. SO speaking shortly – dulicate conent is the reason of Penguin 2.0 rank loosing. All this sites are mad scraped by others and have duplicate conent preety often itself [how many adresses company can have?!]. What does it mean for you? Alot of your backlinks could been put down or deindexed due to bad spammy spintax or anchor overuse. That`s it. the Biggest secret of penguin 2.0 – try to spin as much as possible to keep it readable – i told you about that before update.

Reasons of Beeing Penalized by Googles Penguin
Of course duplicate conent is not everything. While creting your links you should watch for anchor diversity – so dont just spam 2 words like ‘payday loans’ everywhere, do not get too many sitewide links [so skip footers, blogrolls etc] and try to get links on sites close to your niche. By try i mean try. If you see opportunity to get PR6 links from any site – even in .cc domain – go and get it. Even if its about pianists in Korea. Trust Rank matters the most. Also please dont make only dofollow links, google DOES go trought nofollow and if your site has too many dofollows compared to nofollow – it doesnt look good or natural. Got ti? This is how to protect website from Penguin. Check who is ranking with AHrefs Explorer as its #1 tool to research backlinks and anchors right now.

How to Disavow Bad Links in Google Webmaster Tools?
Simple.. DONT! They cannot fight spam, they dont know what is good or not so they ask you to do it for them free. Do not use this tool, unless really somebody tried to send you malware links. But if you did blackhat links from networks or platforms – do not help them. You MAY get 1 site back, but loose alot in future run. Do not ever help google in their job of fiding spammy links. Same goes for their Penguin 2.0 spam report tool–0JoY9vKiJdIcMe44/viewform
They simply cant fight things with alghoritm because theres too many websites of proper quality that would be hurt, so they want you to show them whats bad.

Want to Download Google Quality Ranking Guidelines 2013 ?
As often in the worlds of internet this stuff leaked 😉 One of our forum members shared it, so as a great addon to this post simply read google guidlines 2013 here here is mirror of latest leaked 2013 google guidelines. YOu will see here how google finds keyword stuffing, css keywords addons, Sneakry Redirects, Cloaking of Sites, Feake Search Engines [like Riva], Doorways or Affilaite sites.

How Google Finds Affiliate Sites vs Original?
Ill just paste example from the pdf shared above.
To help determine if a page is a thin affiliate, you can do the following:
• Look for original content on the page. The quality of an affiliate page or site depends on how much added value, usefulness, or original/additional information is available on the page that is not easily available elsewhere on the web. If the page has the same “cookie-cutter” text or functionality found on dozens or hundreds of other sites, it is more likely to be spam.
• Look at the domain registrants. If clicking a button takes you to another page, check to see “whois” the registrant (or owner) of the two domains. If the registrant is the same, the page is typically not a thin affiliate. Please follow the instructions for checking “whois” in Section 12.3.8.
12.6.2 Recognizing True Merchants
Features that will help you determine if a website is a true merchant include:
• a “view your shopping cart” link that stays on the same site.
• a shopping cart that updates when you add items to it.
• a return policy with a physical address.
• a shipping charge calculator that works.
• a “wish list” link, or a link to postpone the purchase of an item until later.
• a way to track FedEx orders.
• a user forum that works.
• the ability to register or log in.
• a gift registry that works.
Shortly: they cant do it with alghoritm, so they need real peopel do to so. So you have to understand – even tho they know how most stuff is done, its impossible for google to distinc real websites and spam in the long run.

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