Best Website Directory Submission Software

Last time we spoke of great social bookmarking software, this time let me mention You the best automated directory submitter on the market.

What is the use of directory submission ?
Its great way to gain some white backlinks for whitehate pages or just add variability to You blacklinking. Of course the downside here is, that most directories [called often catalogues] allow posting to frontpage only, so You cant seo innerpages, but still this stuff gives preety good linkjuice! Today i will review one Auto Site Adder

Why GSA Auto Website Submitter is the best ?

Automated Website Submitter

For starters this Auto Website Submitter it mad easy linkbuilding tool to setup, just few clicks and its working. It has a builin list of over 6k directories from which around 4k calalogues are no reciprocal links. This is definately the best directory submitter on the market and nothing can beat it up.
Full decaptcher function was applied to GSA Auto Website Submiter and easy marking types of directories to submit website. This way you will not waste time solving anything. But that is normal this days yet nobod ycould beat this best website directory submitter from german company.
So you choose threads number, add decaptcher account, add description/title of Your website + email [it will automatically click activation links!].
After submission You can wait day or two and run built-in spider that will check for exact pages where link was added in directory! Then You can take them out and ping.

So if You ever outsourced directory submission stop it and get GSA Auto Website Submitter now!

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3 thoughts on “Best Website Directory Submission Software

  1. Really the software is very useful..its really interesting…..i was searching for thes stuff….finally you website ended my search…gud buddy..

  2. this is definately best website directory adder aka software to add directories 🙂

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