Scrape Google For New Backlink Opportunities – Using Their Own Google Alerts Services

You are all familiar with Hrefer or Scrapebox because without that you wouldnt be able to scrape links [unless using softwares like BBeast or Magic Submitter that have their lists] but scraping gets harder due to proxy bans or tiem wastign with duplicates. Here is the way to use their system for your own to get best spots delivered to your email daily.
I was slacking lately so to proove i still have the mojo im sharing this simple, yet brilliant method that propably 99% didnt think of or know of. This is also test of in how little number of words you can share something cool.

Google Alerts
What are google alerts? Mostly a service for tracking whats showing up in Google for phrases and queries of your interest. This way you can track ie mentions of your brand, some topics and such. But of course this can be exploited into ways google didnt really think of or just cannot avoid to keep services running. To setup google alert you need google account, then you go to and create one.

scrape google

google alerts scraping

As you see you have there some options but whats interesting for us is the place for query and result type – sometimes we will check blogs, sometimes news etc. I choosen feed here, buy actually its better to use email – just wanted to mangle it this way. Speaking shortly its just google query that shows most popular and new results – scraping at its best without problem with proxy bans and such!

Queries to Use To Make Google Send You Backlinks
Lets take some example seo footprint, most know nand abused one:
“leave a reply” “name” “email” “website” “powered by wordpress”
We first scrape it with some tool, then put alert to get new ones delivered to use right away. Of course this footprint is useless [not only due to saturation] but it also means theres just form – doesnt mean its autoapprove or works at all. So lets fix it a bit. You think you know everything about seo footprints? Think again. I check literally every footprint list i find and ive never seen person sharing this trick. Lets say niche we like is diet supplements and we look for links there:
“diet supplements says” “email” “website” “powered by wordpress” – now this is golden. We will get approved comments where somebody used as anchor “diet supplements”.
Just like that, and google will deliver this to use daily. Now just think a bit outside the box, use other footprints [wordpress comments really suck now] and you can get an army of decent and FRESH links without doing single scrape yourself.

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One thought on “Scrape Google For New Backlink Opportunities – Using Their Own Google Alerts Services

  1. Something really neat and useful in last months. I need to dig in more deeply in footprints yet. Thank you for this share.

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