Ahrefs Review – Yahoo Siteexplorer Alternative and Backlink Research Source

You remember when yahoo backlinks scraper died right? No more free searching what competitors do or scraping links for autoapproved lists.. Well not anymore! Ahrefs brings the spying on links to the new level! As i promised on mailing list this is a very interesting tool/service to check out this days esp when google is killing more and more seo/blackhat spam – last days whole priv network got deindexed and loads of people you know were hit + all the panda updates.. Anyways to the point.

Why to Check Google Competitors Backlinks ?
There are many reasons – for starts to replicate their backlinks and find autoapproved lists easier. Imagine if you put a link everywhere they did + to some spots of yours – you can totally pwn em blackhat seo way. Of course dont expect to be able to do that.. You can never get 100% links of others, even if they were just spamming without their sites. Some forum close, some blogs close etc.. I have some links on sites from 2009 where comments closed and they are sticky. Those pages got like PR3 now and you will never place a link 🙂
Ok, back to the point.. The other thing is to see what anchors they used, what was patters. Often you can even spy their whole network of other sites and find whole method. So speaking shortly this stuff is worthless and its super power in right hands.

Ahrefs Review – What Do They Give
Allright since Ahrefs Site Explorer – Backlinks and SERP Research tool is 100% designed for spammers/SEO guys they give you simple to read and export data right away. Type in domain or exact page to scrape backlinks and hit enter. Thats it. Now you can sort, choose what data you want to see etc.
For backlinks about just listning each page with info there is global counts of:
Referging pages
Total backlinks found
Refering IPs [so actual different sites usually!]
Refering subnets
Refering domains [see how much inside info it counts?!]
.gov &.edu:
NoFollow text
NoFollow nofollow
Redirect redirect [yes all sites doing 301!]
and few other options.
And yes all this data is given by Ahrefs backlink scraper right away. They also show you all anchors somebody used, linsk he had but lost [sites died, got removed etc] and even positions in serp per all anchors used by competitor and CPC and volumes of his keywords ! Are You sold? Tell me how neat Ahrefs service is or just see video, as it speaks better than words!

Competitor Research with Ahrefs
Ahrefs Backlink ScraperAllright so since you know the fucntions here is how to use Ahrefs to make great niche research in a niche you have no idea of but want to lets say make Adsense minisite and bank it a bit.SO here is a free method of niche research and outranking competitors + spying on them.
1. Find a niche
2. Take top1 site [if its not wikipedia of course :)]
3. Put to Ahrefs and scrape all backlinks. Export all of them to .csv.
4. Go for ‘positions’ and verify keywords volumes and CPC
5. Now since you know #1 links velocity of competitor and link types [ie. can you replicate them, as if they aren ot their own legit sites] and you see traffic from keywords choose few that you think you can hit, id say go for like 3-4.
6. Take this keywords and scrape top10 of Google per each [ie with mass google scrape query in Seo Suite]
7. Extract all backlinks and merge them without dupes [ie. BSS again or excell if you like :)]
8. Try to keep same speed of posting as the Ahrefs graph shows.
Cant wait to try? Just get on AHREFS OFFICIAL SITE and get account right away.

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4 thoughts on “Ahrefs Review – Yahoo Siteexplorer Alternative and Backlink Research Source

  1. point 6 cant be done with hands too or other software if you want. but u scrape ie 100x top10 for 100 keywords then scrape them all fast

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