Clickbank/JVzoo/WSO Pre-Launch SEO Method – Noob Friendly, Guaranteed Success

Lately there were many reviews, comparisons or closed posts on the viral marketing blog – blackhatpwnage. So i decided to share with you an guaranteed seo method to make money, really easy way to make money online that everybody can follow step by step. And to clear this up – this is not my method and some readers may know it, yet its still working and it is worth sharing here.

The Usual Problems with SEO
The problem is there is big competition or the product is hot for short period of time. Remember acai berry boom? Imagine you knew about it month before, prepared 50 landing pages, made slow SEO for them, kept stady ranks and just made profit when world goes crazy for the berries. This way you would have no competitors when doing seo and you would be ready for money, before market knew about it. But of course thats not possible. Or is it? The method is about finding products before they are launched, then buying cheap keyword rich domains and putting them to top10. Simple as that.

How to Find Hot Products Before They Launch

blackhat method to make money online

make money with clickbank

And this is the biggest catch – to know what launches, when and to have affiliate program for it. Of course we cant do it with real market bombs like top weight loss products or so but we can with.. Clickbank, JVzoo and WSO products. Yes, you can know what will launch soon, decide how popular it may be and get top10 with 0 competition. SEO is dead? SEO is alive for terms that dont exist yet, even for biggest n00bs 🙂 SO how to find those products before they launch? Nothign easier!
For start you need to register with:
1. Clickbank
2. JVzoo [this will also make you affiliate of my ebook from start – good deal if you promote SEO]
3. WarriroPlus
Then you go to this sites and choose products to promote with seo that will soon launch:
Using this sites you will know about new clickbank launches, jvzoo pre launches and more. Now all you have to do is choose a product that ie. will launch on clickbank soon and promote it.

Creating and Linking Sites
So lets say you choose some clickbank product [jvzoo and warriorpremium mostly have marketing stuff, so CB is more universal]. Now we register with godaddy [yes they suck but are cheap, this link applies coupon: TECH199 for $2 .coms] and we get one of this domains where ZZZ is product name:
Now we host it somewhere ie on HostGator and install wordpress using 1click installer like Softaculous, SImplescripts or Fantastico.
Change theme and generate text with WAC – it will be readable and google will index it.
Now we just drop some links, ive reviewed enough linkbuilding softwares so just choose what you like. Do not give too many links – this wont need it. What we link for? ZZZ, ZZZ review, review ZZZ, ZZZ author name, ZZZ company name.
When clickbank product actually launches we just add affiliate links and banners to the site.

Last Words
This is about market prediction but you can go further with it. What if you were ie constantly reading health portals and their parts about ‘magic natural substances’. This way if you paid attentins to all this beans, leafes and other stuff you could actually rank for many of them and just wait if they hit the market. Name like ‘zobikowa tree beans’ wont need much work fro myou, yet if such product launches.. you are rich. Those CPA rebills for health stuff are from 30-50$ profit for affiliate range. Not bad cash for somethign you ranked without any issue right?!

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