How to use Proxy and How to find proxies

What Are Proxies Used For ?
Speaking shortly You need a proxy to connect anonymously to sites/servers, make spam/comments using proxy, hack or just have many ips to scrape google, yahoo, bing results. This way search engiens can think there is many users but there is really just one behind proxy. There are few ways to get working proxies and alive working proxy lists – each depends on what do you need to use proxies for.

Make Own Proxy Server
Proxy Advantages: Full control, Not banned/blacklisted IP in Google, Exclusive Usage
Proxy Disadvantages: none [unless we count that you have to pay for it:]

Making it is preety easy you will just need a VPS/VDS/Dedicated Server where you will install a Squid Proxy Server. Keep it mind many providers do not allow proxies or spamming so i suggest to make a proxy over your bulletproof hosting. This way you have secure website hosting + fully anonymous proxy that you can use to scrape google or just comment spam with other software, that will be stable. Here is a guide how to install squid proxy on freebsd. Nothign complex and if you dont know how to make it, simple ask admins.

Firefox Proxy Browsing

Buy Proxy For Scraping Google
Proxy Advantages: Not banned/blacklisted IP in Google, Exclusive Usage
Proxy Disadvantages: often spamming not allowed, costs money

Public proxies die fast and are usually blacklisted in google. Thats why its good to have at least few seo proxies. You simple make an order, get your belowed proxies number and have scraping without bans. Its worth mixing those with your own proxies made on VDS.

Get Free Public Proxy Lists
Proxy Advantages: Many IPs, Free
Proxy Disadvantages: Die fast, Often blacklisted, Often not anonymous

Not really good use for scraping google with publci proxies but surely good for posting comments and doing other nasty things. Just keep in mind that they can die literally any minute, so you have to scrape loads of public proxies all the time.
Okay lets get to the point and learn how to find proxies that work. There are services that do all that for You with verification for example proxy list .co

Lets scrape google for proxies a bit with command: “:8080” + “:3128” + filetype:txt
Other trick to seek proxies is: inurl:proxy list 8080

Okay now, we go to some seo forums and look for topics with “today proxies”. We take those lists and just type in google those proxies one by one. liek 344..434.34.32:80 as a query and see where did they show up 😉

There is also a nasty trick that doesnt really work too much anymore – stealing xrumer proxy lists. People were ridign this alot so its usually hidden now, but still you may find some usefull sources of live proxies from soem users.

First you need to know Xrumers proxy checker has path – Xrumerfolder\proxyc\engine.php so by typign in google – inurl:/proxyc/engine.php we get current places.
Now go to the found links one by one and change engine.php to engine.txt. So it will be like: ->
Voila you have fully working proxy list stolen from xrumer checker.

As usual people on mailing list got a bit more inside info than here in public post 😉

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4 thoughts on “How to use Proxy and How to find proxies

  1. Very nice article! I really appreciate the work you put in posting good stuff on your blog.

  2. I absolutely love this website. The xrumer proxy scraping method should be updated however. You don’t change engine.php to engine.txt, you change it to list.txt =)

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