Best SEO Suite Software – Modules and Usage

Lately there was release of multi-module SEO software called Best SEO Suite. Since it has so many modules alot of people were emailing me on how to make the most of this blackhat/greyhat seo tool.
Let me start with breaking the famous post about how to outrank competition in Google and the other similar article – how to rank high in Google with money site using BSS software ONLY.

As this will be totally on usage of 1 software for start You need to get it from official site: Best SEO Suite. I wont be going trough all modules – they are listed there + prolly before You read it more will be added. I will go over modules needed for this technique.
About BSS You will need an domain in Your site. Yo ucan register new domain with for example Namecheap. You can also use expired domain in Your niche [this will actually have some backliunks built]. Theres many ways to get em for example from Godaddy auctions or just check expires somewhere and register with and a hosting for it. For whitehat i highly suggest fully managed VPS – You will have no headaches at all.
Re-read the post – Also we will touch some parts of how to rank high in google with whitehat site article.
Now if You got those, the only thing left is a bit of hard work 😉
I will break down whole method into timefreame to show You how easy and fast it is.

Making website to rank in Google within seconds
1. Use Best SEO Suite module Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon Suggest Ripper and input there keyword.
This will parse suggestion from this searches to let You get most keywords. Use the 1 deep option – no need for more. [10 seconds]
2. Install WordPress [in suggested hosting You obviously have 1 click installer] [50 seconds]
3. [You do not have to do that anymore- BSS has built in article scraper now. Put keywod and it will prase You alot stright away].Google for You main keyword and open 3 sites, then take the articles and put in content spinner tool to make them unique with 1 click of a mouse. Choose 4th icon aka ‘spun article’ and with 1 click of button You have unqiue spun article in Your clipboard without pressing copy/paste. Now put that on Your blog. [80 seconds]
3a. If You had expired domain use Google Cache Ripper module and just upload whole site that Google indexed into the server. This will help ranks alot. On the main page use the articles we are making with Best SEO Suite modules. [30 seconds]
4. Use the keyword stuffer plugin and stick your keywords at 10% rates into the articles. Dont worry – it does it close to 10% to aviod footprint so none of bots can notice that 😉 Also use 1 click clipboard copies to speedup stuff. [10 seconds]
So in less than 4 minutes of work we have a full website with fresh content made form scratch.
Obviously You can als owork on design [themes] and picutres.

Building backlinks
1. take competition website and put it into Yahoo SiteExplorer Ripper module to get its backlinks.
2. Take Your other backlinks list or found at some forums or whatever.
3. Use List Merger module to make them into 1 unique file.
4. Use URL Performance checker. This will verify Your backlinklist fast for dead sites or load times aka sites that may freeze Your software that load too long for example.
5. Run bulk NoFollow checker module over the backlinks. See the magic number? This is the brains of the tool. Website that has 2 links 1 dofollow and 1 nofollow will show different magic number than site with 100 links and 50 df and 50nf. Shortly? This special alghoritm of checking dofollow links gives You best percentage of chances hitting dofollow linkjuice on the site. Works for all platforms!
6. Comment with hands or with software like MPP.

Making fast projects for other software
Now in the articles we had a backlinks backup of online services that are BestSEOSuite compatible. Yes BSS will speedup the work with them!
Backlinks Genie
The Link Juicer
Link Farm Evolution
All of them work same way – have place for spintax article and for links.
As usual BestSEOSuite will make this stuff faster.
Article with Spintax we make same way as for blog, just this time we choose option of Spintax so the article gets in brackets. But BSS has other unique tool – Link Creator.
This little nifty module allows You to put url(s) in 1 column and keyword(s) in the other. Now with 1 click of a mouse it generates for You series of URLs in desired format – BBCODE,HTML(Spintax Keywords if needed),Wikipedia or other Xrumer and Scrapebox compatible formats. Within 10 seconds You have urls ready to paste into all of this search engine marketing services/software.

Less than 10 minutes work total and You have whole site with projects linking it ready! This is what i call automation with blackhat seo tools!

Interested? Get on Best SEO Suite official site.

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5 thoughts on “Best SEO Suite Software – Modules and Usage

  1. Thanks for the heads up, just purchased this and i love it. its making my life much easier so how can you go wrong 🙂



  2. wow i was looking for such tool form long time. i will purchase later on.
    does xas_ai merger delete duplicates and can mege lets say 5 files ?

  3. omg finally windows software to rip googles cache =)
    this saved my life literally – just bough expired domain 5 hours ago and was looking for way to get this 60 pages from google fast =)

  4. @markzor – yes u can merge few files and it does delete duplicates




  5. woot, just popin in to say thanks for this. its just what i needed right now. i was about to pay for 5 tools, now i only need the one and its cheap as chips 🙂

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