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It was on my head since long time and i finally made it – today i give that to Your hands – official blackhatpwnage seo forum ! This will be a great addon to the blog but i promise to keep there totally different stuff and never share there publicly anything from the mailing list. Just to make everything clear let me put a straigh differences between this two instances of blackhat seo information. Dont be suprised its not empty – ive been inviting there some friends since a week to fill some content + test everything for bugs.

Blackhat Blog vs Blackhat Forum
Its really important to keep the blog how it is and use linkbuilding forum as addon for other stuff. Speaking shortly things on blog will be 100% unique and not possbile to be found or reposted on forum.
@ Articles from blog will never be shared on forum.
@ I will answer questions to articles only here on blog
@ Disocunts and extra information about posts from mailing list will never be shared on forum

What will we have at Linkbuilding Forum ?
As i said forum will have 100% unique content from blog and i will not share anything from the exclusive mailing list. So what will we have? 🙂
I was getting alot of emails with sidequestions like ‘which hosting for this’, ‘what do you suggest with this’ etc. Way better for me is to answer that stuff on forum where everybody can read, then reply few times on emails. Also theres alot of time limited blackhat opportunities and announcements that you should know but as you know i do not send alot of mailing and never will, so forum is a great answer to that. This way also not everybody may notice an forum post and something can live a bit longer before super saturation 😉 Also theres so many people around the blog im sure we can together share alot of cool content and blackhat seo tactics that are totally time limited. Its good place to meet other people [alot of blog readers are really skilled blackhat guys!] and make even more money online together.
Okay lets go with what people love the most – examples!

Tutorials and methods that are too small for an blog post:
How to find autoapprove blogs
Advertize cheap on TV

Opportunities that are time limited:
Get one month free premium VPN

Announcements that are important to be known fast:
Do not turn of Xrumer at 11th may [if you were few days without xrumer due to not reading that – sorry. I thought i will start forum faster :)]

Latest linkslist and backlinks scrapes:
Auto Approve List of Guestbooks and Blogs
Free PR4 Dofollow Autoapprove link

Stuff that was bought somewhere/found some other place or made be yourself:
Drupal Xrumer Mod
How to make autoblogs cheap
Free USA Cities and Zip Codes Database

Latest industry news to talk about/comment
Googles Internet Currency

and many other things/questions/talks that you will already find on forums 🙂

Get on Forum

Speaking shortly – do not hesistate and get on the forum by registering here – Everybody can take their part in building cool place and after the forum ‘lives its life’ im planning to close it down, so we can share even sexier things that wont leak to the public with speed of TGV.

Want to have access to closed posts, tools and discounts ?


Want some extra up-to-date infos and linkbuidling chat ?


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