How To Rank High in Google with Whitehat Site

Beer for Blackhat SEO

Allright first post for this year. For start after donations for Xmas from fans of the blog i promised to buy alcohol and take a pic. Well ive done it! Click to resize. Im preety happy there was so many peolple that like the blog and dont care to donate few bucks..
Today i will just give You small idea how to rank whitehat site in google on full automation mode using software/services that are available.

Step By Step to Rank In Google
1. Make a site [obvious]
2. Get long tail keywords from Google WonderWheel Scraper. Read the rest

Drip Feed Blasts – Automated Profile Making Tool

Many of You guys got interested in my review of Mass Prestige Poster but kept asking for automated forum profiles. Well the most famous tool making them is Xrumer. But the tool is very complicated. Now a few smart guys found a way around.. with DFB

What is Xrumer and why so many have problems with using it?

Xrumer is a famous russian spamming tool that costs $540 and is capable or breaking captchas and registering on forums, where it can post links. The problem with using of it is that its really complicated [most people who bought it are making 0$ – literally], You need to invest in dedicated windows server for xrumer [at least 50$ a month], proxies [unless server is Bulletproof like HERE – but then costs 100-200$] and spend loads of time at scraping google and testing forum lists to spam. Read the rest

How To Outrank Competition Blackhat Way

Lately i were slow with blog but ive got hella campaigns on myself.. Still this blog is my baby and it has to stay updated. Nobody else is willin to share real stuff of this so called ‘gurus’. So seems it has to be me!
Is it possible to outrank competition ?
Totally yes. In any niche. Just keep in mind you cant outrank wikipedia or some .gov and .edu sites [ones that were not hacked for viagra promotion, but that are on their real positions]. I will tell You today how to use tools we mentioned on the blog before as a combo that will pwn any niche. Read the rest

Mass Link Pinging Tool

Allright im a bit busy lately but i have at least 1 more great product to review really soon, 2 techniques to write and what not.. Today we will hit with something really small, but preety important.


What is Pinging ?
Mainly pinging is letting the crawl bots to know the site was updated. WordPress and some other tools do it ‘themselves’, but they do it just once after post and thats it. Bots dont always come so fast. Thats why we have blackhat seo tools to help our luck of indexing new content the a bit greyhat seo way. Read the rest

Free Pinging Software

This time i unlocked the post, but some posts will always be locked for people who didnt join my mailing list.

Anyways today i will share with you a free pinger tool.
Ive been looking around and most of free pinging software had some kind of limits of sites or so.. So i made this one. It will automatically ping pingomatic, bing and some others.

.txt file with Proxies [host:port] – if you dont have proxy put or localhost:80.. depends on setup.
.txt file with sites to ping – 1 by line [for example your whole Link Farm Evolution blog farm:) ]
loops number – lets say you want the software to make a few rounds of site pining with software, then put there a number. Read the rest

Index site fast, get targetted visitors and pagerank boost with microblogging

Okay some days ago, before the blog was ready, ive posted this fast page googlebot indexing method on BlackHatWorld forum. Guys got on it preety fast and a bit overspammed the place. Befoe the technique doesnt work that good [it cant stop working actually, since it uses all purposes of this portal 😉 Thats why its so brilliant, let me post here an updated version of how to index new site trick. Okay enough talk, lets get the work.

The update on the blackhat blog to the original thread [so you guys dont have to read twice] that ive made on forum has: tags and avatar tricks on the profile that were not shared before. Read the rest