How To Outrank Competition Blackhat Way

Lately i were slow with blog but ive got hella campaigns on myself.. Still this blog is my baby and it has to stay updated. Nobody else is willin to share real stuff of this so called ‘gurus’. So seems it has to be me!
Is it possible to outrank competition ?
Totally yes. In any niche. Just keep in mind you cant outrank wikipedia or some .gov and .edu sites [ones that were not hacked for viagra promotion, but that are on their real positions]. I will tell You today how to use tools we mentioned on the blog before as a combo that will pwn any niche. This will take some time, you cant do it overnight.

Blackhat Tools to Use
For this mission we will use:
* WordPress blog [of course can be any other CMS but this one is beloved by robots] on own domain and USA ip. <– makingthat i wont teach you here. But obviously we need a site to outrank competitors with right 😉
* Link Farm Evolution
* Mass Prestige Poster
* Link Juicer
* Some kind of link scraper
* Mega Pinger

Step by step
First we choose our deired keyword(s). Lets say its “student loans”. Do not worry about competiton. The more competitive then better – You will invest a bit of work in that stuff.
1. Make your website. Put main keyword in and few times on the site with tags <title> <h1> <strong> <u>.
2. Take your link scraper [i have no friends with such tools so im not suggesting anything here- if you made good search engine scraper/parser contact me]
We put our keyword in the tool and scrape Google and Bing for top100 sites.
3. Now we put all this 100 competition sites in notepad and do: ctrl+h [aka replace] http:// with link:
Now we take all this 100 sites and parse Google and Bing for their backlinks 🙂
It looks like:
Each search engine gives 1k links per site x 100 sites = 20k links [of course many will be doubled]
4. Now we go to notepad again and do: ctrl+h [aka replace] link: with linkdomain:
This time we parse Yahoo for competitors backlinks.
5. Now we clear duplicate urls [find software or do that in excell :)]
6. Allright so we have website and list of competitors backlinks [more or less]
7. Now we run Link Juicer campaign on our site. Set it up for 20 links a day. To people who dont know – its a service with monthly fee that creates links on most popular Web 2.0 sites with spinned articles. Totally white [well greyhat]. Do not even worry of spinning, just put there any texts for articles and use good keywords.
8. Now we make 1k wordpress mu blogs with Link Farm Evolution. On the navbar we put our money site. Now we post a few articles with inbuild scrapers that touch our topic. Post around 2-3 articles.
9. Now its time for some pinging. Take list of Link Farm Evolution and Link Juicer backlinks put them all in Link Juicer and ping for a day [remember to use proxies! public are fine!].
10. Now its time for real deal. Take the same list You pinged and spam it with Mass Prestige Poster using backlinks of Your competitors. Put blogs/link jucier backlinks in a rounds of 5 per project. This way the links will be randomized and it wont be like each backlink has same backlinks.
11. Repeat that for few days + scrape a bit of ‘new’ links for Mass Prestige Poster and ride them over the backlinks. Keep in mind each day Link Juicer will be making You new articles with anchored links. SO remember to keep that updated.
12. Every 2-3 days take all backlinks that you used to spam with MPP and ping them with Mega Pinger.

Voila. Wasnt that hard he?

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29 thoughts on “How To Outrank Competition Blackhat Way

  1. The thing is that the tools needed are very expensive, I don’t have that kind of money right now, just between LFE and MPP we are talking of almost 500 bucks…. Any FREE tools that could help us do the same??

  2. for free you cant really do that, unless you do everything with hands.and actually i think it wouldnt be possible anyways.
    thing is that most people dont understand – to make money you have to invest money.

  3. dude…awesome post..
    my virgin eyes popped their cherries..

    quick question..

    Im doing work with a pharma site..
    is it even worth it going after those hijacked edu sites that offer cialis viagra etc?

    or is that a battle that cant be won/not worth the effort because of .edu status?

    also…my understanding of this strategy is search and destroy competition while making your self look amazing via a ton of juicy links?..


  4. dont try viagra/cialis unless on really long tail. this ones are too hardcore and u cant win with hacked edus that will come around all the time. but u can hit really good pills with this technique from the top10 sales list. just this 2 are not so good idea. lovegra kamagra are doable tho.

  5. Hi iglow, I left you a message on LFE but thought you might get it quicker if I left it here: I’m really keen to try this out. Do you know if I can use Scrapebox to do steps 2,3 and 4? If not, what would you use?
    I appreciate your advice,BerryButton

  6. yeah better here than LFE forum.

    steps 2,3,4 surely can be done by scrapebox! if u already own it then use it. if not then u can wait, coz im testing new scraper now and i think ill review it within few days on blog. its super flexxible.

  7. Great! Thank you. Yes, I do already own it. I am obviously not using it right. I’ll go back and try again. Thanks!

  8. Can you let me know if I am understanding step 10 correctly? Basically, you are taking all the links you built with LFE and Link Juicer and using MPP to try and get backlinks for them from the same sources that your competitor has backlinks? Sorry, the wording of the step has me confused so I want to make sure I’m understanding it.

  9. Sorry for the double comment, but are both LFE and Link Juicer linking to your money site?

  10. iglow, I like what you talk about on your posts, the only problem I have is that all the tools you suggest are tools you are an affiliate of and will make money from, that makes me feel that may be there are other tools but you mention these ones because you are bias…

    What about if you teach how to do the same stuff but with either free tools or tools that you are not promoting as an affiliate?


  11. Dave – exactly. spam the LFE + linkjuicer links with MPP. ANd yes they are both directly linking to money site

    jose – unfortunately theres no free tools that can do this stuff so im mentioning the cheapest possible tools to work with. and yes im affiliate of most but dont blame me that most of blackhat developers are my friends 🙂

  12. ashley – scrapebox is ok for scraping but NOT good for commenting. wordpress is currently useless.

  13. thats some idea but such service would be expensive. also i dont think i can do it myself, me and my crew are preety busy on our own projects

    senuke – the report system preety much sucks, but i could say it could be used instead of linkjuicer in the method. still i prefer linkjuicer as it makes spun articles and interlink everything automatically.

  14. iglow, i’m impressed with your knowledge, your blog rocks. how do you think? getting backlinks (from spam) directly to money site wouldnt be more effective than using parasites? i believe you’ve got some experience with that.

  15. iglow, one question about step 10:

    You are saying to use MPP to ping and spam the list of URLs from LFE and Link juicer using backlinks of our competitors, that was the 20k+ links we scraped in google, bing and yahoo…. ok, but how can this be done?

    Let’s say my competitors backlinks are coming from:
    a) ezinearticles article
    b) press release
    c) wikepedia, etc

    How can MPP go a create content or backlinks there automatically…

    If the backlinks from my competitors were coming from profile pages, blog post, and forum post I would understand that MPP can just go there and create backlinks… I must be missing something here…can you explain more please?

  16. Jose no it won’t be able to to all but the point is that it will be able to get some of them.

  17. There is a famous phrase that goes something like.

    “the first rule in business is to destroy your competition”.
    No competition, the you have the whole market

    Can i use any tools to sandbox the competition??? i have all the usual, and I was thinking of using scrapebox.

    I just wanted to hear your thoughts / opinions etc and perhaps easy ways to does this 😛

  18. With all the doggone snow we have gotten recently I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. 🙂

  19. what about X Gen Seo – niby captcha ?amie – ogolnie robi to co nuke – jednak nigdzie nie ma review?

    Kupi?e? mo?e SEnukeX (lifetime for 1900$)? Kurcze ja nie kupi?em i ?a?uje – ale mo?e nie mam czego…?
    Daj zna? jakby ci si? chcia?o ;P

  20. Pretty interesting stuff, specially the first one… I thought did it manually, I created plenty of blogs, got hem indexed,sent all traffic to new site, then from this new site sent all traffic to my main site using 301 redrects.. worked pretty well until google penalized me lol..

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