Drip Feed Blasts – Automated Profile Making Tool

Many of You guys got interested in my review of Mass Prestige Poster but kept asking for automated forum profiles. Well the most famous tool making them is Xrumer. But the tool is very complicated. Now a few smart guys found a way around.. with DFB

What is Xrumer and why so many have problems with using it?

Xrumer is a famous russian spamming tool that costs $540 and is capable or breaking captchas and registering on forums, where it can post links. The problem with using of it is that its really complicated [most people who bought it are making 0$ – literally], You need to invest in dedicated windows server for xrumer [at least 50$ a month], proxies [unless server is Bulletproof like HERE – but then costs 100-200$] and spend loads of time at scraping google and testing forum lists to spam. Sounds a bit costy and time eating right.. Thats how some guys got a decent blackhat idea.

Drip Feed Blasts

Drip Feed Blasts

This is name of online service [browser based] which has simple idea. You buy monthly package and then each day the system automatically creates forum profiles for You and gives You an report. You can shedule different Xrumer profile blasts for each day, for whole month, mix few campaigns all together and everything will take You like 5 minutes to setup. Aint that fun?
Currently there are 3 packages with following pricing:
500 links per day, 15,000 links per month @ $49
1,000 links per day, 30,000 links per month @ $67
2,000 links per day, 60,000 links per month @ $99

Where to order ?
Because forum profiles are not spammy [admins rarely see them] the tool is safe for both whitehat, blackhat and greyhat sites.
The best way to order the linking service is by going to official WickedFire Forum DFB Thread. So i suggest You to check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Drip Feed Blasts – Automated Profile Making Tool

  1. I have just finished my first week as a member of DFB, and it is unbeleivable. I would like to say everything iglow put above, but I’ll keep it short and say my site stuck in 5th place in the SERP’s moved up to spot 3 within a week of blasts. A squidoo lens of mine quadrupled its traffic. This is while I was promoting many other sites. I would recommend buffer pages, web 2.0 sites linking to your money site to avoid sandboxing. Oh yeah, and I’ve been getting only 500 links/day!

  2. Hi dude, sounds good this service. Are you affiliate or owner of this service? Your site rocks! Thank you.

  3. hey
    im not affiliate of this and its not mine. this is my friends service so i promoted him here since its really good and with mass prestige poster in combo will give u killing results

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