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Allright im a bit busy lately but i have at least 1 more great product to review really soon, 2 techniques to write and what not.. Today we will hit with something really small, but preety important.


What is Pinging ?
Mainly pinging is letting the crawl bots to know the site was updated. WordPress and some other tools do it ‘themselves’, but they do it just once after post and thats it. Bots dont always come so fast. Thats why we have blackhat seo tools to help our luck of indexing new content the a bit greyhat seo way.

How does Mega Pinger work ?
Mega Pinger is a super simple tool. Paste Your urls, set proxies [or not], choose threads [yes its first multithreaded pinger on the market!] and hit “Ping Sites”. This way You will get loads of mass pings to Your sites. The tool has some pig targets inside of it, but You can add You own lists also.

How does Mega Pinger work ?
The blackhat tool is very simple in usage. Just paste links – 1 per line, choose proxies [if you want] and then click “Ping”.

mass pinging tool

Mega Pinger Panel

What can be usage of Mega Pinger ?
Mainl it will help to index pages and backlinks faster. So its gonna work perfectly with:
Mass Prestige Poster linklist. Just ping them all after posting.
The Link Juicer the automatic service that posts your spun articles to loads of blogs and bookmark directories. Take the list from report and simply put into the Mega Pinger.
– Pinging latest posts from Link Farm Evolution to make them indexed faster
and many more – i think You got the idea. Thats what MegaPinger does.

To get the software for 30$ go to the paypage [paypal,vista,mastercard supported]: UP HERE

As a bonus here is a list of extra places to ping with the tool:

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13 thoughts on “Mass Link Pinging Tool

  1. tiara thanx a million for the heads up. i put wrong link.

    theres paypage with secure payments, no landing yet. but the guy has good support and tool is working.

  2. guys, i tested MP with one link to get pinged with 80 default services with 0 seconds delay. it took more than a minute to do this task. just imagine how much time it will take to ping thousands of urls.

    is it the way it should that slow?

  3. I run a service that takes care of it for you! Check out Pinguin ( While it is in beta all users are free, and can ping 1000 links per day.

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