Wicked Article Creator Review – Best Human Readable Unique Articles Generator

One of the biggest changes in Googles alghoritms lately were not just links/anchors but the smarts of bot to read conent and see the garbage or find duplicates within your spintaxes. I was never speaking much here about automated content generation for articles and xrumer posts – now the time has come with Wicked Article Creator.

Do You Need Software to Create Articles?
This is a bit overlooked topic by people – it is that obvious to me i simple forgot to write about it on blog. Google is really smart now with finding duplicates or simple spintaxes and also findign conent that is totally not readable. Dont get me wrong – they are not humans and still can be fooled [humans can also be foole btw;)], but this days you cannot use 1 artile synonymized into 500, put it on sites and rank. Believe me exactly same links with ‘unique conent’ and with 1 spintax article, will have waaay different impact this days. The main mone ypage you need to write yourself or get a conent writer but you wouldnt be able to do that for 1000s of your extra articles or comment spam posts 🙂 That is where software comes, and today the best one to create conent using ‘new method’ is Wicked Article Creator.

How Does Wicked Article Creator Work?
Ok how it works is actually part of method me and other been using for long time. I had php script to do similar stuff, other been using excell 🙂 So what does the article creation software do? You type-in keyword, it scrapes articles, then puts it to lines and spins.. the lines between each other + adds extra synonyms on some words or common phrases. This way conent is 100% readable, 100% on topic and.. 100% unique 😉 Of course WAC has more options: you can spintax on paragraph level, you can choose places to download articles from, you can choose to only use articles with your exact keywords or even mention which time you scrape same keyword so it gets more unique texts than before. Of course it has more options you may find useful ie:
@ spinning images/videos or htmls texts [atuo generation per keyword]
@ saving articles [spun or unspun] to various formats ie docx, txt, pdfs [yeah Magic Submitter pdf creator :)]
@ spun titles generator [believe me you will need it], great for using as guestbooks spam text
@ deleting or chaning unwanted words
@ straight integration with spamming aps
@ multithreading
@ can insert your links in texts
WAC has over 22 sources to harvest articles. None other harvester does it. See it in action:

Get WAC Now!
Tool is cheap, decent and will make your life easier and ranking faster. Out of 1 text spun there you can get up to even 20 COPYSCAPE PASSED articles.It is a fast tool that is a must have for any people using automation software [speaking shortly – ranking sites;)]. Have a look at their VIDEOS and BUY IT HERE.

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9 thoughts on “Wicked Article Creator Review – Best Human Readable Unique Articles Generator

  1. I prefer to use Autocontentwriter. Never liked WAC. Some of the features worked ok but most of them didn’t. I last used it a few months ago.

  2. Dont you think Fant0master’s content creation services work much better?

  3. yes it still works after last penguin.
    fantomaster i didnt test latest version, i did contact bseoz but didnt get reply so hard for me to do test now.
    surely fantomaster is more like doorgen and more expnesive than just artice maker for LPs and such

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